Storyline Old School Brings Something New

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  1. The scene opens to the old monk building, various monks are meditating, the camera fades to a single flame burning and as the focus returns to around to see Sackfist staring at the flames and pans up to his face as he continues to watch the flame flicker in the building

    "The things we learn from Nature, the ripple in a water always returns to a calm state. The tree maintains it's balance due to its roots. But the flame, it always burns. The fire always burns and feeds of the air. The message is simple. No matter what path you take, you always reach the same journey. My time in this temple has given me life lessons, but I finally understand the truth behind it"

    "I lost my match because I was still blind, but the fire has opened my eyes and mind to the truth. There is no change, a tree can shed it's leaves, but will remain the same, just as I can shed my rags and adorn a spiritual side, but I am still the same. What I believed was abstinence from the evil of greed, but again, that was the fool inside of me. The same fool who put others ahead of himself, for the good of the division. What I now see is my true identity. What I see is all the failures in IWT. Jacob Colton, FailFace, and my name shall not, will not and cannot be in the same bowl of failures."

    Sackfist reaches forward to grab a small stick and lets it catch fire from the candle, as he brings it to his face

    "I meet an opponent I have fought many a time in the ring, like myself, he is a fool, too blind to see that he has failed, I am returning to IWT to take what should have been mine, the IWT Championship. I am returning to end the rivalry with me and Farooq once and for all. Blood will be shed, but one man will stand tall, I will not fail myself, my brothers....I will not Fail IWT..."

    Sackfist blows out the flame on the stick as it has burned down almost to his hand and walks off camera, which ends by capturing the flame of the candle.
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