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    *The lights come on bright in the arena as the music hits the titantron*

    OOC: I'll use something different eventually.

    *Trip in the Head walks out from the back wearing a black suit with his hair pulled back in a ponytail and nice leather shoes on, much like he did at the IWT's first HoF ceremony. He does his best Mr. Macmahon walk down to the ring and hops up on the apron on the outside of the ring. He leans back and looks out at the fans who are so confused as to what is going on they don't know how to react. Trip ducks into the ring through the 2nd and 3rd rope and stands proudly in the ring, smiling from ear to ear*

    TRIP: So I bet you all wonder whats going on here? Well I am here to announce to you that I have been put in charge of this Old School Uprising event coming up since the regular GM is getting prepared for....well, you'll see. And I aim to please, so, without further ado *Trip points at the titantron* let's begin with the OSU card shall we?

    *The titantron quickly flashes a picture of Danielson and Senhor Perfect before switching to a photo of Stopspot and Seabs*
    TRIP: That's right folks, first up will be an epic old school face off as The Perfect Dragons reunite and take on The Generation!
    Participants (open)

    *The titantron flashes again. This time a picture of B.Dazzle and Gav the Chav flash followed by a photo of Alias Antonio and Sir Lee*
    TRIP: Then we have another doozy of a tag team match - the The Dazzling Chavs vs The reunited Cure! Can the Dazzling Chavs take down the Cure one more time? Get your tickets now!
    Participants (open)

    The titantron then flashes sequential photos of the Dude's with 'Tude, Clobbersaurus, Al Poppin, Eduardo, and The British Kid*
    TRIP: Then we have a little tournament put together by the Dude's with 'Tude. Who will be the better champion of these 4 irrelevant champions? We will see Clobbersaurus vs Al Poppin and Eduardo vs The British Kid! And the two winner's will face off later in the show in the finals!
    Participants (open)

    *The tiatantron lights up again as a photo of Harriet Vargas flashes followed by a photo of the one and only IWT champion Joey Bryant!*
    TRIP: That's right folks. In a non-title match let's see if Ms. Vargas can put an end to her losing streak at the hands of the X-Division champion Nick by defeating the IWT champion himself, the Martyr of IWT, Joeyyyyy Bryyyyant!
    Participants (open)

    *The next photos that flash bring quite a reaction from the fans. First, a photo of Jwab Atom flashes before a picture of Justin Magnus flashes*
    TRIP: Next we have a interesting face off between Jwab Atom and Justin Magnus. Oooooooooo! But thats not all folks, no no no. *Trip in the Head waves back up to the titantron as another set of pictures flashes by. This time the pictures belong to Unknown and the current IWT GM - Jonathon*
    TRIP: That match will be followed up by the long awaited and rescheduled grudge match from IWTMania II, Unknown vs Jonathon! Wait no longer people! (I hope)
    Participants (open)

    *Next the titantron shows a big question mark as Trip in the Head continues*
    TRIP: Then we will have the two winners of the Dude's with "Tude tournament face off to see who is the best of these 4 competitors! BUt that will be followed byyyy.........
    *The titantron flashes pictures of Farooq and......Mr. Sackfist!?*
    TRIP: Mr. Sackfist makes his return to IWT to face the man that beat him in the IWT title tournament all those months ago and got him fired - Farooq! Will Mr. Sackfist get his revenge at OSU?
    Participants (open)

    2 Winners of the Dude's with 'Tude's previous matches
    @Big Boss

    *The titantron shows pictures of Andrew and Chris Kaizer next*
    TRIP: The next match on the card will be The Rock 'n Roll Desperado's own Andrew vs the sandman himself, Chris Kaizer! And to close out the night we have something of an initiation match between two other members of my own stable, The Order of Night - the leader vs the only champion left in his group - Marcus Anthony vs Nick! *Marcus Anthony and Nick's pictures flash by on the titantron* Will Marcus give Nick a warm welcome to the Order? I wouldn't bet on it. Hahahahahaha.
    Participants (open)

    *The arena lights suddenly go dark as a wolf's cry is heard over the arena's sound system. The lights come back on moments later and Trip in the Head is gone.*

    OOC (open)

    Ok, I hope I got everyone and made the matches on good days for you guys. Say something quick if not as OSU starts THIS MONDAY (and I am leaving tomorrow). Let me know if I got any names wrong and I will get them fixed. Thanks for participating!
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  2. TNH main eventing and Majour getting at DK. Congrats to all, and while Old School IWT really isnt old school the card is sick as hell. Cant complain there, good luck to all involved.
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  3. I got some good old school stuff in there right? I mean, the new guys can't be "old school". But thank you for the props
  4. Seeing Danny and Senhor on the card is easily enough for me. I'd wanna see Sack and Seabs but it is what it is, and either way the card is great man - no hate here.
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  5. Not enough old school, but it is what it is.
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  6. Ayyy, co-main event. Nice card, @Trip in the Head, 10/10, would book with/10, better than ER/10
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  7. Yeah, I wasn't even thinking about the last day = main event TBH. I was just trying to get people matches on days they could make it. But I am glad you like it. Thanks. I hope that level of satisfaction keeps up as more people find out about it.
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  8. Turned out being good Trip. I'l give ya kudos, didn't expect much out of ya.
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  9. Thought I was facing TNH? :hmm:
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  10. You're right, my fault. I got the character names mixed up. I'll fix it

    EDIT: Fixed. Forgot to add the "Participants" section for Sunday as well. Sorry.
  11. 4/10 No Frie.

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    loljk iz gud
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  12. sad to see no @Butters! on the card......but Majour Taking on DK? WOO-HOO!(this Woo also implies to my match)
  13. I tried getting a hold of Butters but never heard back.
  14. My first true main event match! inb4 i don't draw
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  15. Don't think he's been online for the last few days.
  16. it your time ninja. Draw buddy, draw.
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  17. Who's Jonathon? :urm:
  18. IWT's bottom bitch. I think he is Jonathan's 2nd life personality, but he's a huge fag like the original, i dont see much difference.
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