Old Spice Commercial

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  1. Farooq is shown knocking down a random jobber with his fists and then grabs a water bottle. "You know what, a sexy man like myself doesn't get the ladies in just one swing. I use Old Spice, so after I'm done knocking down jobbers...."

    The background then turns into a fancy restaurant and Farooq rips his skin off and it shows a suit. "Now, I can get ready for a relaxing night..." He says before the background turns into a gym and he rips off his suit to show gym clothing. "Or I could get into more intense training." Then the background turns into a church as he rips his clothes off, showing church clothing. "Or I can praise a higher power..." The set changes, but not before Dat Kid is shown running naked in the background. The background is then changed into a dark blue clear night sky as Farooq is with a cigar and a suit once more. "Or I can just relax in the night sky. Whatever you want to do, Old Spice will get you ready without fail, so even then, your w/l ratio will be as good as mine. Old Spice, smell like a man, man."

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  2. It's missing "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT" every couple of sentences.