OOC Old Things Returning

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Dat Kid, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. IWT Magazine and IWT Power Rankings will be returning this month. Power Rankings will be posted today based on the survivor series card. New rankings will be posted next sunday, so perform well if you want to be in the top 5 for next week.
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  2. Great to see! Great to have those things back. Who's gonna be in IWT's magazine cover this month?
  3. How does the IWT magazine work?
  4. It a segment Kid writes. Not a big deal. It's just IWT's magazine. A report of what's going on in this fed.
  5. Oh, okay. Was just wondering.
  6. people vote on members to be in it, and the top two make the magazine.
  7. Thought this was just a return thread.
  8. why aren't you on the card for this anniversary show? You and Senhor have both been here for the long haul, and neither are on the card? WE WANT TO SEE IT!
  9. I'm not on the card? Fucking pathetic!


  10. Put on your glasses old man. Jono booked me vs Punk on the anniversary show.
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  11. What a build.
  12. I'm gonna let this one slide cause of my love for your avatar.
  13. You're out of touch, i'm out of time.

    When do we get to hear from the IWT's Mr. Perfect?
  14. When I think you're ready
  15. Oh brother i'm ready, i've got lube and a 42" monitor, what else could I need. Oh, yeah, i'm wearing my winter hat.
  16. Enjoy it, it's all for you