Storyline One and Done

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  1. *Carson, the interviewer, is standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone in hand.*

    Carson: I've been asked to come down here to request Drake's time for an interview about the recent events. So, with that being said, Mr.Wolfe, could you please come down to the ring so I can ask you some questions.

    *The lights slowly begin to dim until they completely fade out, and purple strobe lights start to emit from the stage as the song comes into play throughout the arena's P.A System. White smoke cloaks the entire entrance way and after 26 seconds have passed Drake emerges from the smoke gazing at the negative crowd. A lone spotlight shines upon him, but he does nothing. He's seen wearing casual clothes, and his beard to appears to be more thicker than usual. Wolfe slowly begins to walk down the ramp, with a look of angst. He climbs up the set of steps on the right, and enters the ring. Drake doesn't pay attention to the crowd at all and grabs a microphone.*
    Drake: Usually whenever I get called down to this ring it's for a match, not for a pointless interview. But since there's nothing else to do, like train for my match at IWTMania, I guess I'll go ahead and let you get off a few questions.

    Carson: Speaking of your match for the upcoming IWTMania you'll be facing your old partner, Midas. In the past few altercations you two have had he's gotten the upper hand. Has that affected your mindset at all?

    Drake: What altercations, Carl? Have either of us actually gotten into an all out fight? No we haven't. The past few times all he's done is attack me from behind WITH the lights off, and got blood poured on me. He's avoided any one on one situations, and he's smart to do so. After all, we know that he's not anywhere near 100 percent to compete in a match, much less face me. But that's not going to be case come IWTMania, and that's where everyone will see that he cannot hold a candle to me!

    Carson: My name isn't Carl, but I still see what you were getting at. But while you're on this subject, Midas didn't just ask for a shot at you at IWTMania, he asked for five. You ended up turning that down though, why is that?

    Drake: First off, he does not make the terms for this. If he really wants a shot of me it'll be done on my terms, as I say. Not his! Second of all, there is only going to be one match because once I am done with Midas there will be nothing left. I'm going to do what I should've done the first time, and that's put him out of his goddamn misery!

  2. The titantron suddenly comes alive, cutting off Drake. The screen is very blurry and with a lot of bright oranges and yellows moving about. The camera starts to pan out and we see that it is what looks to be a house by a lake on fire. The flames are rising high into the night sky, swallowing the extravagant property quickly and starting to burn it to the ground. The camera turns around and we see King Midas, he's holding a hand held camera.

    You took everything from me Drake, so I am only returning the favor. Brick by prick, piece by piece I will take everything you hold dear and burn it to ashes.

    We will do this on my terms Drake, not yours. You set this in motion when you stabbed me in the back, but I make the rules. We won't just dance once. We'll do this five times. Five times down into hell where I'll break you down more and more. And if you deny me again.... It won't be your lake house I set on fire.... But something far more precious.

    I'll see you at mania.

    King Midas drops the camera to the ground and you can see his feet walk off as the sound of fire truck sirens fill the background. ​
  3. I'm surprised, no lights going out this time.
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