One by one, Mr. Sandman puts them to sleep.

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  1. *We got to an anonymous location. it's dark outside, and the only light is a street light on the sidewalk. Standing under the street is none other than "Mr. Sandman" Brandon Cage. He's wearing a red shirt that says "Mr. Sandman" on the front and "Good Night on the back." He has his ICW T.V title around his waist and a huge smile on his face. He looks into the camera.*

    Mr. Sandman: Where I am doesn't matter. Just know that I'm in my element. I'm in my time of the day. Night time. The time when man, woman, and child all go to sleep after a long day. Sleep is such a great thing isn't it. A good rest after such a long hard day of School or Work. Sweet dreams and happiness. Eight hours of nothing but themselves. What do you think all these people are dreaming about right now? One could only guess. They could be dreaming about time with their family, friends, a nice vacation. Dreams can be anything. Here's the thing; with every happy thing there's always something sad. For every dream, there's a nightmare.

    *Brandon's voice lowers and his tone becomes darker and more powerful.*

    Mr. Sandman: Every man on the ICW roster has had a nightmare. A nightmare of stepping in a ring with a man who proves to be better in the ring. A man with greater size, speed, and agility. A man like me. You see, in ICW, I am the creator of dreams and nightmares. My fists have been molded out of pure steel and have been charmed with sleeping powder. With one hit, I can knock a man out into a deep, deep slumber. I am this companies nightmare, not anyone else. Not Gohan, not Sir Lee, not Awful News Adam. Me. ICW's TV champ Brandon Cage. That is the name that keeps every man in that locker-room up at night, thinking about the pain that's going to meet them when they get inside a ring of me. To those people, I only have this to say; Don't worry because the pain will end soon. It's always only a matter of seconds before Mr. Sandman puts your ass to sleep. So to all of the men, woman, and child sleeping on this night and to every man who gets in a ring with me, I only have one thing to say to all of you. Sweet dreams..........................and GOOD NIGHT!

    *Mr. Sandman walks into the night and disappears.*