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    Artist walks out wearing his TNG T-shirt. He makes to mid rap before tilting his head back and spreading his arms wide as pyro shoots in various directions. He enters the ring as the crowd starts chanting *TNG* *TNG *TNG*

    Artist: Ladies and gentlemen...I warned you ALL that it was rising. The New Generation was rising and it has risen from the ashes and it's now here. I started from the very bottom of the barrel and I ran my way up the ladder. I've fought every force in the IWT from the world champ, to Joey Bryant, to...Dat Kid. Dat Kid you've wronged to many and now it's coming back to bite you in the ass because they're MANY people who have been a prey to your bite. The poison is just flowing in the opposite direction. You sent my career into a pit of despair, but I got back up and now I have my sights set. You'll be facing me in a matter of time and "Roadster" will be the predator as'll be the prey.

    Artist looks around

    Artist: The New Generation is an army...a raging and growing army that will pillage anything that stands in it's way. It will be a long and dangerous road ahead but like all campaigns...Nothing stands in it's way. We are the power in the IWT and Dat Kid... you're the charge. You brought this upon yourself, and it may just be the war to end it. Legend or not, Icon or'll be a broken man...A twisted metal in the flames of hell. You're tumbling...slavery or not. It's Rising.

    Artist paces around with a smirk while he continues

    Artist: Correction...It's NOT RISING. It HAS risen The New Generation isn't an entity who'll just go for Dat Kid...we're here for so much more. We're here for Andrew and Spinzz. We're here to grow and destroy the tag team division, grow and destroy everything in our path. WHO has culminated and finally joined the NEW, TRUE, FORCE in the IWT? It's Simple....It is
    Anonymous *Crowd Pops*

    Artist pauses before continuing

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    OOC: Roadie, just so you know there won't be a tag title match at SS. And we already have our planned challengers for NOC.

    Not trying to be mean or such but we already had plans set in motion.
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  3. OOC: Thanks for clearing that. We'll change our plans as soon as Danny responds.

  4. *makes way to ring*

    Artist, it is with my pleasure to join you, and the new generation to conquer IWT. It appears as though there are some chumps already in line for the tag team titles. Obviously, neither of them stack up against us fairly well. So, what should we do in the meantime? Together, there is no doubt that we are the best force in this company.

    I would like to clarify one thing. Dat Kid is not in charge of anyone. We are in charge of ourselves, and our careers. He can stack em up, and we will keep puttin em down like sick puppies. ONE BYE ONE THEY WILL FALL TO US! I made my mind up long ago that I was going to stand up against this corrupt and unjust company, but it wasn't until Artist I and came into contact that I realized that I couldn't go at this alone.

    Let me make one thing clear, we are not here to make friends. Well, just as long as you don't get in our way, we don't really want to make enemies either. We are not like every other stable that have come to pass in IWT. We don't seek to make outlandish storylines of times once passed. No, we are here to kick your fucking ass.
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  5. OOC: We should try to set you guys up with a tag match at SS since the champs are busy already
  6. Would be cool, who'd you got in mind?
  7. Gotta wait until the show is done, but I hear some people in the X-Div tournament want to make a tag team, but I wouldn't expect them to if they win the tourney
  8. I'll fuk u guys up :angrynigga:
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  9. We already have plans to make your butthole 40x40.
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