Storyline One last interview with Farooq before Chamber match

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  1. "Hello, I'm here with Farooq, who will be competing in the Elimination Chamber for the IWT Championship. I just want to ask you, a message to each wrester, let's start with Dolph'sZiggler"

    "Dolph's?...hmm..." Farooq says as he closes his eyes, sitting on a bench in his locker room. "What to say? He climbed fast, really fast here in the IWT. I don't have anything to say until our match to him."

    "Okay, how about Joey Bryant?"

    "Joey? Haha, well maybe if he stops acting like a tool, then maybe he'll stand a chance. Right now, all I see when I watch him is a fleet of stairs, and Dat Kid is walking all over him. I see nothing in him until he ditches Dat Kid. That's all."

    "How about your fellow Order partner, Trip."

    "Trip....don't hold back. Give it your all, don't hold back, even when it's us in the ring. This is for the IWT Championship, when both of us enter that chamber, we are not partners, but enemies. I will not accept anything less than 100%, or I will take you out myself."

    "...How about Sir Lee? He did just kill a bunch of people..."

    "Yeah...people who couldn't defend themselves. This isn't a match against a competitor who hasn't been here in months, this isn't a masked man or a Rock wannabe in this match. This is a equal war zone, tonight we'll see how you really fight...and don't even try to kill." Farooq says as he raises his combat knife to the camera. "Or I'll take you out first."

    " last but not least, how about the champion, Aids Johnson?"

    "Aids." Farooq says with a chuckle, "Anybody who says he hasn't deserve that title is lying to themselves, he's earned it completely....but it comes to an end tonight. There, something generic and fitting." He says as he stands up. He heads out the locker room, but the interviewer stops him.

    "Farooq wait! You're about to go into a match, a raw hell of a match, how do you react to this kind of match?"

    "....I've been through everything here. Tag teams, low card, midcard, main event, leaving, losing, winning, returns, heel, face, mixed...." He says as he turns and faces the interviewer. "Cages, ladders, title reigns, blood, sweat, tears.....but one thing..." He says as he gets closer. "I've never showcased in the grandest stage of them all. I've never cemented a legacy at Wrestlemania....that changes this year. I'm walking out of here with the IWT Championship, and main eventing. I'll be on the level of legendary once I do....something I need to achieve. It's why I went through everything, why I always give it my all...." Farooq then turns around and smirks. "This's a structure of hell, something the devil himself must have wet dreams over....but as you said, it's a raw match....and the old dirty bastard in me....likes it raw." He leaves the locker room, as the camera fades to black.
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  2. *Trip is shown watching in another locker room. He mutters*
    TRIP: I never hold back........
  3. Kousaki: I'm starting to like this guy. Now let's just see if he's anything more than a shit talker.