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  1. Well lads, it's October 2016. A few days away from the exact 1 year anniversary from when I took over IWT. I felt like making a post, voicing my appreciation for the IWT and it's fellow participants would be a nice way to ring in the next year. I know it's overstated by my character for saying that I rebuilt IWT, but truth-be-told, we all rebuilt IWT. I just so happened to moderate the section.

    It was really fun. I had some moments where I questioned why I was draining myself for something that wasn't growing, and wasn't looking healthy. When I took over in October 2015, it was such a mess. We had forgotten to put together 2 shows, back-to-back. We had around 7 active competitors. We had an average of 4 votes per-match. For those that weren't here to witness it, it was pretty freaking terrible. The first show I ever booked was called Dragon Rising. It was hardly what I expected it to be, but you have to start somewhere. For the next few months, I tried hard to narrow down our titles, allow greater freedoms and offer more incentives. But, as time had shown, we didn't get anywhere big.

    I decided to try and get people around the forum to join, and contacted people like Stonecoldsamadams, Jacob Fox and Prince Balor to come in and bolster our rosters. It was great having them come-in and help. But by March, I had come to the conclusion that IWT isn't growing, and it's far too draining to consider it useful. I decided that with IWTMana IV and the Hall of Fame, we were gonna hang up the boots. I was going to shut down IWT, and retire it, once and for all. Then something, that some may find to be weird, but I found to be an amazing shot of life. TheWWEForum died and with it came a lot of members, most of which decided to take up IWT. We were reborn and revitalized.

    I changed my mind and decided to continue with this new shot of life, and I think it was a massive success. IWTMania IV was the most fun, I've probably ever had in the IWT. It was great fun, and I thanked everyone involved and that helped. From there, we started VICE, we held better shows, we got a stacked roster, brought new titles in, revitalized a fledgling midcard and rebuilt a dying main event. We really reformed the IWT, and we really brought it to heights, never seen before. After the IWT was healthy, I took the initiative to really make it more fun than a chore. I tried making rules to limit bias, I implemented different promo timing. I tried to shed some of the crap the IWT's reputation and it's actual matches began to accumulate. I may've felt sick when running this, but I've always come out and felt that I could offer more and make IWT even better, and that's really what IWT is about. Having a good time, some good competition, being competitive and trying to get better, IWT is a faggot ass game, but it's our faggot ass game.

    I may've done some stupid shit while in-power, but I think it's best to say that it was limited. I tried hard to get everyone involved, and tried hard to get the good vibes rolling. Don't want to make this some sort of "Praise Roadster" thread, but I just wanted to explain what I think I've done for IWT, in the past year. While also acknowledging the massive help from staff and competitors alike. Just a little remembrance to the days when we had no idea how long IWT would last. Dragon Rising is a symbolic event, and I have much love for this event. Hopefully we get this show off to a smooth start.

    Thank you IWT competitors, IWT alumni, IWT supporters, IWT creative and to the IWT, for offering some amazing fun.
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  2. Real talk, much love brother. Only been in IWT a few months and already having a blast.
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  3. I was in IWT a while back, it was a far cry from what IWT has managed to become now. Like I mentioned in the PM, the level of quality in IWT now is daunting, in the most awesome of ways.

    Congrats on the 1 year anniversary, here's to maaaaaaaaaaaaaaany more!
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  4. I still remember when Roadster first tried to get me to sign...
    I saved it from DELETION (open)

    I feel like the quote "Reformed to even give jobbers an opportunity" is why Ovalhead got a title shot tbf.
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  5. Another example of how low we sunk :)
  6. There needs to be a sad rating :(
  7. how do i get on ngw?
  8. You go to Bay TV Liverpool on British Television and it should be there or you can watch it on What Culture. Easy
  9. As we walk through these troubled times
    We struggle through this so-called e-fed
    Waiting for something to change...

    And now all hope is gone
    IWT has lingered far too long
    NGW is a sky filled with rage...

    It's been too long
    We're holding on
    We'll right this wrong
    And fight on
    We will remember today...


    NOW'S THE TIME FOR (IWT) RETRIBUTION (where I beat @Spawn 11-1 for people interested in the str8 facts haha)


    I'm a fucking fag and I'm proud of it! Myself and @Tsar have been a gay couple for a long while now and even though he's not allowed to be one and will probably be executed in mere minutes after me writing this, I feel like this is the perfect time for us to get out of the closet! (Me coming out and pulling @Pump with me, at least haha)

    Also good job with the IWT's, much love​
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  10. I wouldn't have gotten as far as I have here if it weren't for my bias!

    I did it all for the nookie baby!

    RT IWT is amazing stuff, I've been in some E-feds where I just stopped caring entirely (I'm not talking about NGW surprisingly) and lost any real enjoyment but IWT has reinvigorated that enjoyment of being a closeted gay pretending to wrestle.

    Here's to another year before someone in creative gets annoyed and IWT shuts down out of nowhere!
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Been here for over three years and it never stops being fun. TYB.
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  13. Fuck you, give me a title shot bitch!
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  14. I once tried running an e-fed at age 15 and got over 40 sign ups and got it to last about 4 months. The E-fed sign up thread was the most viewed thread on MachininmaPalooza.com. A year and a half later I brought it back and it lasted another 4 months. Each time I ran it by myself and it wasn't like IWT where you vote for who wins. I wrote all the matches myself and I was the one to decide who wins. It was pretty stressful and I know how hard running an e-fed can be even if that e-fed is pretty shitty so I preciate ya.
  15. I'll never pat you on your back.

    I hate you.


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  16. Now that I'm sober.

    Glad to see you patting yourself on the back for a half-assed job well done. If it wasn't for Shadow holding your hand you would be a shitty owner. The only thing you really have any control over in IWT is naming the PPVs and you suck at that #GenericRising. Like you said, the only reason IWT is still around was because a forum shut down and you stole all their members just like Jono did when The Cure came over.

    Once the scrubs get bored of IWT, which they will, you're going to have nothing again, no one's going to vote when the shitty rookies we have become the main event. You're pretty much as useless as Jono was when he was in creative and you should just hand IWT over to someone more capable, because while you post your heart wrenching speeches about being here for a year, claiming it's not a thank you Roadie thread, cause it totally is, meanwhile creative is sitting dry as fuck.

    We have a lot of new guys that we should be pushing, but you're too busy focused on a tag team division that no one wanted to see come back, so i cant wait til you retire those titles because no one wants to fight for them aside from you and guys like Stopspot.

    So next time you decide to initiate a circle jerk how about you put in some real work, because jono maybe have been a fat piece of shit, but he was efficient as hell and you are not.
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  17. (Walks out and gives everyone the finger)
    Hello dat kid hows the wife
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  18. [​IMG]
  19. You almost got beat by WUK lad, please don't talk about me without my permission ever again
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