Storyline Online feature: Lilith Young interview leading into Summer Slam

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  1. *The video starts with the camera focused on a chair outside of a ring in a home gym.
    The natural sunlight shines through the window giving the room a glow and now enters Lilith Young who takes a seat and the camera zooms in on her face as an off-camera interviewer starts to speak.*

    "Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to bring this exclusive interview with Lilith Young. The wife of IWT star Chris Young, and participant in the Television Championship number one contender's battle royal. So Lilith, how does it feel to be back in the ring and what is your goal going into SummerSlam and in IWT in general? "

    *She Smiles and looks right to were the eyes of the interviewer would be and with a light-hearted tone in her voice.*

    "Who is Lilith Young? I’m the girl who will beat the living hell out anyone in my way.
    I Did not spend all those years training to be just a bit on the radar and I’m one hell of an ass kicker. I came from almost nothing and now look at me I’m on the top stage and ready to show the world what the black blooded rose can do in that ring, I'm The chick who will show I will not be scared of anyone in this match and go in with all my heart and soul no one is taking this shot from me. Why did I come here?, To be the best and to show I’m more than a face behind Chris and to show that I can hang with the best of them one of the best from my last fed were I only was a manager is also in this match and to hold my own will be the just one of my goals when I walk out that night for the first time in almost 6 months. No one is safe from the Vixen’s Bite and as much I love wrestling it’s going to be a war out there and that’s how I like it."

    *The camera flashes and cuts to footage from a training session with Lilith and an unknown Asian female wrestler as Chris Young is seen watching from the back of the gym before walking out with his head down like a need to wrestle is eating him on the inside.
    The camera cuts back to the Interviewer.*

    "Now with Chris injured you are alone out there and your sister in law is off in the UK training do you think to be alone at Summerslam will mess with your mindset going in?"

    *Lilith Lowers her head and a look of uncertainty covers her face but she gains a look of confidence after a moment.*

    "No not at all I’m set to light a fire inside myself for this match so my mindset to do the best and win, I’ll leave a mark with a win or a loss but you will remember my name after this match and everyone will be great in this match I know that and I will go to hell and back to win like I did before I don’t need help and at Summerslam blood will spill in that ring like a revolution.
    I’m Roaring like a storm and It’s the one I've been waiting for. I will be screaming like a siren alive and burning brighter when I step into that ring with my blood boiling and my soul at full force and let’s say this at Summerslam the Vixen of Destruction comes alive."

    *Lilith gives a smile as the camera fades out to a shot of Lilith in the ring sitting in one of the corners with her hands together and talking to” herself”.*

    "What is there to be scared of? Well everything, everyone is so short on life inside these 4 sides and 3 ropes that at any time it can be taken away in a flash of an eye and you can do nothing about I’ve ended a few dreams in this ring. No one is safe and no one has the will to fight like I do. The only way I will survive that night is to outlast everyone else and I only know two of them before hand so that night I learn what I can do with the deck stacked or I will go out trying.
    I’m going bring down the arena and I’m going to steal the show even if I have to die.
    This is my homecoming to the ring and a start to my own reemergence. "

    *The Camera fades out as a sound of fire starts echoing as the video end.*
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