Storyline Only One.

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  1. Michael is sitting at a desk in a pure white room in a pitch black suit. He holds a paper in front of him before he start to speak.

    Michael: The New Generation and I thought it would be appropriate to voice our cogitations to the IWT.

    Michael clears his throat before he continues to read what is written on the paper.

    Michael: The Storm by Michael and The New Generation.

    The camera starts to pan in closer on Michael's face while he reads.

    From Dawn till Dusk.
    The New Generation grows in disgust.
    We watch a Generation eat it's self away.
    It's a casting hatred that makes us want to stowaway.
    As our Storm brews, so does our power
    Our plan isn't to take over, it's to devour.
    We grow in numbers, day to day.
    We lead not follow so they're will be no "Obey."
    Dat Kid opens FSW in a claim to build an alternative.
    FSW will close once again, that should be rated "Informative"
    The IWT will be murdered.
    The New Generation will be left, undeterred.

    Michael pauses as he puts down the paper.

    Michael: The New Generation flee's from no one. Dat will be a broken man, your career will be left to decompose. You think opening up FSW again will do anything for you? Crawl back into Trip's sex cave. The New Generation will destroy the world around you, and we will leave you and you ONLY to destroy. You're only one and we're a raging machine that will maim you. Till the End.

    Michael pauses as he gets up from the desk.

    Michael: Rise Up, End All.
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    This promo makes me want to pronounce your name like 'mick-hail' for some reason. Like you would have a French accent or something. Not sure why though.
  3. That's how I say it to spell it correctly, lol.
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  4. Pretty damn amusing to read it in a French accent too :dawg:
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