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    The lights dim as Chris Kaizer's music hits. He slowly makes his way out and down to the ring. Not getting that Marcus Anthony pop sadly. He makes his way into the ring. He walks around the ring a few times. He gets ready to talk as his theme fades out.

    Well, many would call Summerslam a disappointment. A major set back in my career. I could see that. But I see it as door closing, not in the best way, and an other one slowly, slowly opening. That other door. It's a special one. It's the door to the World Championship.

    Now, I know many people may think I don't deserve it. I just lost my title at Summerslam. WHY DO I DESERVE A WORLD TITLE SHOT? Well, if you are asking, I'm gonna answer.

    Who else are you going to put in that spot? You gonna run the same matches as always? Most likely. Because apparently IWT doesn't like new faces in the main event. No, no, no. We gotta see 3 different versions of the same match over and over and over again. That's the main event formula. It happened with Aids and Victoria. It happened with Joey and Alias. You gonna shove another ran down and repetitive match down our throats? Or are you gonna put the man who has time and time again given legends, not just big stars, legends some of their biggest challenges? Huh? The guy who made a monster from sleeping at ring side. Some copied "Jesus Wept", but everyone copied me, damn it.

    But no, you aren't going to do, are you IWT? You are sit back there sucking off the same people over and over again. While I sit back here, waiting, and waiting for my first shot. I can't wait to see Joey Bryant vs Sackfist again.

    Chris Kaizer looks around the arena for bit before he starts pacing back and forth. He finally stops and looks straight at the camera.

    I will not be robbed out of my place in the main event again. I declared my self the "Real Future Of IWT", today I claim my self as "The Real #1 Contender". I want you two, yeah, Mr.Trip and Jono. Think long and hard about your decision here. I thought long and hard about my decision to come here. I wouldn't even think as long as I did about leaving...

    Chris Kaizer drops his mic and stands in the middle of the ring as his theme hits.

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  2. Love you.
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  3. I love you too...
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  4. Jonathan walks out to a mixed reaction, and stands a-top of the stage. He has no mic in hand, but stands there, as the crowd begin to chant for Chris Kaizer. He continues to stand there for a minute or two, listening... listening to the crowds reaction for Chris. He appears to almost be in a trance and then poof he looks up to the roof, turns around and walks to the back.
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