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  1. Just wanted to make this thread to see how everyone is feeling about the IWT. What are you enjoying? What do you dislike? Do you certain things were done differently?

    I'm genuinely curious as to how you guys feel about the IWT since i've tried to make things a bit more organized
  2. Fuck Jonathan.
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  3. I don't know how it was done before but i like it.:xanth:
  4. I like the new organization, such as the way PPV's are organized. Makes things a lot easier.
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  5. i enjoy it more than i thought i would love playing my character
  6. It's been pretty cool. I enjoy it so far.
  7. It's probably the only thing keeping me from being active here. I enjoy it very much.
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  10. Actually, I loved the old chaos we had and how did Brit explained it. It was so funny... There was a chaos that turned into something funny, but I know it can drive you up the wall.
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    its ok
  12. Didn't you like how did Brit explained why the IWT was a chaos? Am I the only one who loved that? Actually I agree with the titles stuff and we have more fun because we have non-title matches. Everyone only wanted to fight for the titles.
  13. Love it.
  14. Yeah it's cool, but I just suck at promos... And just not a fan of reading them... but it's still very cool, once more people come in then you can start adding or changing things