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Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Jonathan, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. You know, you're such a hypocrite saying I abuse my power... yet you abuse your power more than Big Hoss Rambler.

    You only ever let the people that YOU want as champions have title shots. You always try to control everyone's route, who they're facing, what title they're after, or not, in the case of people you don't like. For example, you kept Danielson in the tag team division for almost 6 months...

    And then, you give guys title shots without even having a #1 contenders match... I mean really? These titles are supposed to mean something, you don't just hand out title shots like they're worthless. And then when you do, people like Danielson and airbourne don't even turn up for their matches! Mr. I control everything, next time pick some people who will actually turn up for their matches, yeah? Thanks. And you know, you were never asked to be creative, which makes me think what your motive is... you wanted to be in creative... I think you've only been in this so you can help your buddies get all the title shots... maybe if you weren't booking matches other people might get some title shots.

    And you know, this whole voting saga. I'm trying to clear this situation up a bit and your so blasé about it. Like, you don't even care about the issue...

    You're right, I don't read all the promos in all the matches, because it's not my job. I'm here to make the matches, not to read them. And for that fact alone, you NEED me in the IWT. Without me, you wouldn't be able to create the storylines because you'd actually have to do some work. Take for example your fantasy wrestling league... that's still going strong and active, right? Oh no, wrong. You let it die, just like the IWT would die with you at the helm. Right now I'm the only thing keeping IWT afloat.
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  2. If everybody can stop getting out of character and bitching in public that'd be great.

    That doesn't go for just Jonofag here, that goes for everybody. If you wanna talk shit to each other, go to PMs or Skype, but doing it in public doesn't make anybody look like Mr. Badass American Rebel guy.
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  3. here we go round 2...

  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Pretty sure this shit is kayfabe. If it wasn't meant to be, i still laughed.

    Also LOL @Fooq basically saying Learn2pm.
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  6. Lmfao. I was very affectionate last night.
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  7. Oh well this is great :facepalm:

    If you dont read the promos how can you write the storylines and vote for people?
  8. I cackled at this shit.
  9. Are you admitting you voted for CRAYO BASED ON BIAS!?
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  10. Your emotions corrupted your linking, thus smashing the link. It was to good to not make a sig, so....

    Show Spoiler

  11. Oh well this is great :facepalm:

    There's 1 key word there out of 6 words. I wonder if you can spot it. Try really hard.
  12. Still, How do you get to write the storylines if you dont read all the promos?

  13. Because I know what's happening, and that's all you need to know.
  14. Your time is up, dat kids time is now baby.

    Your days as IWT anything relevant are over buddy. Stay relevant, you still deserve to be here.

  15. Not what I heard.
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  16. about which part, champ. I think you should stick around.

    Are you still mod? You never were. Your relevance up until now? Debatable.

    I tihnk you deserve to be here, and anyone not giving you credit for keeping this shit going during the biggest few months of the PPV season are crazy. That being said posting in this thread only proves to people why you are no longer going to be in power.

    I laughed hard @ the Heel heat deal.
  17. I heard you love me.

    I was mod longer than you were :pity1:
  18. Jonathan.. You are a dick.
  19. Guys just stop with this, I don't know how much bad blood you guys have but please, we're all just trying to have fun here.
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