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Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Dat Kid, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. Jonathan you wanted to call me out in public, I'll make this public.

    I don't think you should be a part of the IWT anymore. I think you did a good job when Brit was gone, but you've let that go to your head. You don't even have moderation powers over this section and you still act like a total dick to everyone. That's the reason why Crayo chose me over you because he knows that you're just a complete asshole that would ruin this section.

    Let's be honest Jonathan, what do you do here? Set up matches with unreasonable time limits? I can do that shit and do it better than you. I have been in this section since it was created and a little known fact, I was the one who suggested that it have it's own section. You were just asked to be here because you do absolutely nothing here and would have the time to make matches when Britanica was absent.

    The only reason it was you because I was at a high spot in the IWT and I felt it would be wrong if I was doing that job and competing at the same time. Now that's over. I'm not competing and I think it's time you went away.

    That IWT Creative private section section we have, I'm the only one posting in it, the only one who comes up with these storyline. For the past 3 IWT shows I've been booking every match, every storyline, and some would say that this has been the most organized the IWT has ever been. I'm doing all of that for 15+ users, trying not to overlook anyone. You on the other hand offer no help in that what so ever.

    The only thing you do is open match threads and you don't even do every match because I had to do half of em at Money in the Bank and I had to do some of em now.

    You know what pissed me off enough to go on this little rant. You having the audacity to say the people who voted for Aids didn't read the promos.
    1. You are an authority figure here in the IWT, you should never EVER call someone's promo bad in public like that. I don't care if it's Aids or a rookie. You will be respectful to everyone in this section.

    2. You of all people shouldn't accuse people of not reading, when you don't know half the shit I'm talking about when I bring up storylines in creative. I bet you can't name the 4 competitors that were in the X-Division match without going back to look at that thread, let alone the 8 new guys in the proving grounds match.

    Jonathan, you were good for what you were when you came in, but now you're getting ahead of yourself. Throwing around these bullshit rules that keep people who have actual jobs from competing in matches. If we had gone by your rules, we would have not gotten the great match we had with Crayo & Aids because Aids has REAL personal things he has to attend to. He's not like your fat ass that just stays on the forums all day even though no one wants you here.

    Then you want to set in to motion this asinine rule that prevents active competitors in the IWT from voting and you didn't even consult me about it. What's the point of having an IWT creative section if we're not going to work as a team when we make decisions?

    Jonathan you are going to deter people from this section and I don't want you to have anything to do with this place anymore. You can choose to resign now or I can send Crayo a list of 100 reasons why you shouldn't be in this section
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  2. I have to agree, sorry Jonerthin. You did a great job in my absence but you went over board since I left. People are quitting left and right, this section is no where near as active as it use to be.. Numbers don't lie kid. I liked it better when you played the dick in character... Not OOC. It is a shame but... You can't pour gasoline on fire and expect it to go out.
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  3. ^ Exactly the reason why I liked it.

  4. So you mean, I did a great job all the time, seen as you were never here? I see.

    People quitting left and right, the section is no where near as active as it used to be? What? Are you joking? Please tell me you are. Lets see. We had less than 15 active users when you were running things, how many do we have now? The active roster list says 34. :urm:

    We could barely fill the titles we had so few people, and multiple people had multiple belts.

    You're right, the numbers do not lie. For the first, and probably last time, you're right.

  5. Were you even active when Brit was running things? I don't think so.

    Joined 12th May. Hmm. She barely did anything after Mania, so I doubt it. Unless I'm taking this post the wrong way.
  6. My less than 15 were more active then you 24. People posted everyday in this section. Sometimes i come in here and there is nothing new.

  7. Oops, meant 34.

    Did they really? How would you know, you were never even here.

    I can't remember the last time I came here and there wasn't something new to read.
  8. It is nothing against you Jono but you are a power hungry dick in this section that needs to be shoved in and out of holes.
    I don't understand why you act more dickish in this section, i really don't.
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  9. Well if Jono doesn't have admin permissions on here it means Xenforo lets me ban him so I'm for it.
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  10. Why? Maybe because I'm fed up?

    1) You have members airbourne908, Danielson, amongst others, not even turning up for their match that's took time and effort to plan.
    2) You have clear corruption in the voting, that's pretty much unfixable.
    3) When I ran this section by myself virtually, bar the odd help from Dat Chocolate From Jersey, for the weeks where you didn't even bother to let us know you were leaving. And then because I can't make 2 matches over the MITB weekend you bitch at me because you also can't be here. I mean really? At least I bothered to let people know I wouldn't be here. Oh, and you're welcome, for all the shit I did for you. I don't ever recollect a "thanks" for it.
  11. Crayo
  12. Jesus, didn't expect the Jonobomb there.
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  13. Really? REALLY! You don't remember me thanking you like a zillion times? That is bullshit and you know it. You can fuck off jonathan. I had your back in this section for so long that people actually started to not like me because of it. And I told everyone I was going to be gone. I also didn't slip when you weren't on so I don't know where the hell you got that from. I never once got mad at you. This is what I mean. You turn into a huge dick to everyone, including me in this section and you expect no one to say anything or get pissed!? REALLY?
  14. If you want to make this personal, fine!
    I never thanked you? I clearly remember going out of my way to praise you to Crayo when everyone wanted you banned from this section. I remember myself and quite a few others praising you for the work you did in this section when I was gone. I remember a lot of things but I certainly don't remember you being this big of a dick!
  15. You shouldnt have created this thread.
    1)It will end up closed and with an apologize thread from a member
    2) If you wanna blame Jonathan because he hasnt been professional, you shouldnt have created this thread. Because the fact you created a public thread to blame Jonathan for whatever he has done wrong is also really unprofessional.

    I have nothing else to say
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  16. Nope I don't actually. If you say you did then who am I to say otherwise but I don't remember it.

    When you vanished over Mania week you didn't tell me you'd be gone. If you did, I wouldn't have been as pissed as I was, and multiple people can confirm how pissed I was on Skype.

    You didn't slip when I wasn't on? What does that even mean.
  17. It has been awhile Jono... But you finally managed to piss me off again. Congrats.
  18. Thanks Ryan, but Crayo is the one who appointed him to that spot and i think he should be the one to take him out. Very much appreciated though
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  19. I'm done with this shit.
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