Open challenge by X Division Champion

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  1. Farooq's music fills the arena as the fans of IWT cheer. Farooq comes out in his ring gear with his X Division championship over his shoulder. His escort Jessica following closely behind him, Farooq makes no hesitation heading down the ramp, clapping hands with all the fans on his way down. Farooq walks up the steel steps, and holds the ropes open for his escort, as they both enter the ring. Farooq asks the announcer for the microphone, and she hands him the microphone. Farooq hands the X Division title to his escort as she stands closely behind him.​
    "Tonight, I shall put my well being on the line to anybody who comes out." Farooq said as the crowd cheers loudly. "Of course not for the championship I posses, but just for a one on one match with anybody who wants to challenge me. The match is a normal match, a two promo match with 24 hours of fighting and 24 hours of voting. Now, I will not waste any time more, I have nothing else to add, except for one thing. The only person who is not allowed to make the challenge is, Gohan." Farooq spoke as the crowd cheered even louder then before.​
    "I have nothing else to add, I want someone to fight against, and the first person to come out and accept the challenge will be my opponent." Farooq said as he faced the stage. Whispering to his escort as he awaited any challenge that my come.​

  2. *The lights dim,making a spotlight on the stage,Andrew's theme hits
    *Andrew walks into the spotlight,mic in hand
    Andrew: Cut the music,cut the music!
    *The crew men cut the music off
    Andrew: You've intrigued me Farooq,I accept your challenge.
  3. Farooq tells his escort to get out of the ring as he faces Andrew. "Then we'll begin, Jonathan or Catwoman book the match." Farooq said as the crowd grew loudly with cheers.