Open challenge for non champions

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  1. Farooq stands in the ring with his ring gear on and his Hardcore championship on one shoulder, and the Million Dollar Championship on another. "I want to make an open challenge to anybody in the back, one who does not have a championship. Come out here right now, and I will give you a shot for this belt." Farooq said as he raised the Hardcore championship. "The Hardcore championship. Now come out, first come first serve."

    (Whoever posts first that is not a champion will get the title shot, and we'll do a 3 promo battle tomorrow on another thread.)
  2. *One of IWT's newest superstars walks onto the stage with the name of Joey Bryant. He has a smirk on his face as he stands on the stage.*​
    Joey Bryant: Hope I'm not too late, but I said I wanted to make my impact here in my very first match. It seems you've given me just the perfect opportunity... So what do ya say, champ? Seems you're looking for a challenge.​
  3. *Rain watches from backstage, holding his US Title*


    *Rain reluctantly continues to watch, trying to hold in his laughter*
  4. Fuck you OP.
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  5. Testify to that ^
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