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  1. Soon, a video feed pops up on the titantron. Victoria is waving at the camera with a smirk on her face.

    Victoria: Hey there Farooq, how have you been? Man, The Order does not look good on you. It wasn't too long ago that you waltzed into the asylum to come and visit me, and tried to stop me from spiraling out of control. But, that seems to be happening to you right now. That grasping of your head, the crazed look in your eye...I saw that a lot at the asylum I was in. Are you sure you didn't stay there for a while? But, the funny thing is, the title scene you now claim to hate is a scene you used to dominate. You were one of the best X Division Champions the company had ever seen...until you lost it. You're so angry at the company when maybe the person you should be directing your hate towards is yourself. But, enough about all of that!

    Victoria does a slow clap and smirks at the camera.

    Victoria: Thanks so much for attacking me after my match with Aids. You and your friends in The Order gave me the direction I was searching for. I do enjoy torturing those that are beneath me so this is an offer I couldn't refuse. After all, you're practically begging for me to beat your ass down in this ring after the way you assaulted me after my match with Aids. That sort of blatant disrespect will never stand. Not to mention, if I can beat one member of The Order, that's one of you down and the rest will soon follow. So Farooq, name the place and time and I will gladly take you on in a match. We'll see how good you are when you're standing all alone in the ring with the real queen of the IWT.

    With that, the stream goes black.
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  2. Farooq rolls his eyes as Victoria speaks, finally glad that she stopped talking. "...Okay, you're done barking yet? All I heard was that you're ready to fight me. Whenever is the earliest for you, that's when we can fight, so when is that 'convenient' for you?"
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  3. Dat Kid bursts through the curtains!

    Hold on a second Fooqy Booqy! I couldn't help but hear soft yelling backstage so I knew you out here rambling your ass off. Then I smelled something, a familiar smell, sort of like fish and I realized that Victoria Parker must've been around here somewhere with her legs open.

    You came out here looking for a challenge. Victoria Parker isn't a "challenge", she's just some overrated loon, who lost her flare because of the sedatives that got pumped into her ass on a daily basis. You want a challenge, how bout you face the God who's world you just criticized. How about you face me?

    And I'll tell you what, we can make a triple threat match, under the condition that Victoria makes me a sandwich after I finish beatin her ass like she was a trailer trash housewife on cops.

    Jesus wept
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  4. "So..... Triple threat match it is then?" Farooq said as he rubbed the back of his head.
  5. What's the matter? You scared? Dat Kid says as he rubs the bottom of his balls
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  6. "What the hell are you doing?"
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  7. I'm trying to guess which testicle you'll offer to suck on so I'll stop beating your skull into what resembles Victoria Parker's pad
  8. Farooq goes underneath the ring and searches in it. He takes out a box and goes into the box.
  9. lmao farooq talking shit about the WHC when he is in the IWT qualifier.
  10. OOC: Only watched the OP video so far. Dug the background music. "NOTHING" - Someone gif that shit lol. And of course dat ending hahaha. Give in to the Order!
  11. *Fenris comes out through the curtains snarling at Dat Kid with Trip in the Head right behind him. Dat Kid backs away from the wolf and Trip walks by to the ring to join Farooq. Fenris follows Trip once he is headed down the ramp. Trip climbs into the ring and gets a mic*

    TRIP: Wait wait wait. You see, we sent the newest member of the Order out here to wreak some havoc in IWT, but we had no idea there be so many "chomping at the bit" to have a match with the Order, HA!. Seems we have become the talk of the town my dear Farooq. *Trip says as he slides up next to Farooq and pats him on the back* But we are a pack. And we will fight as a pack. And we fight in the darkness, where WE reign. So I'm out here to offer a hand to Farooq in taking on the next 2 lights in line to be extinguished by the darkness of the Night. Victoria Parker, the sly female who found and trashed our lair. Well, one of them anyway. You think that was it? You actually left behind more than you know frail. We have your scent now. You claim you will hunt us down one by one and prove us each inferior? Silly girl.*Trip shakes his head* And God himself too!? Oh how I PRAY you put up a good fight, but your recent track record speaks otherwise, hehehehe HAAAAAhahahahaha. *Trip gains his composure* Could you two even put aside your differences to work together and face 2 members of the Order of Night at the same time!? Pfft, THAT I would like to see. How about YOU IWT universe *Trip says, hands up and spinning to get the crowd reaction. The crowd gives a huge pop. Trip turns and faces Farooq* But the decision is ultimately yours brother. I know you could dispose of all this trash yourself with ease, but we are here should you desire us by your side. *Trip stands shoulder to shoulder with Farooq in the middle of the ring, Fenris poised in front of them*
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  12. The IWT crew is show backstage, as some of the stars are watching the promo unfold into a match. Aids Johnson and Gav walk past, as Aids is holding a bottle of scotch that is nearly empty, and Gav grabs his last cigarette before throwing the pack at the camera. Aids notices the screen and gives Gav a pull to listen, realizing that Trip and the Order are on the screen.
    Aids and Gav exchange looks before breaking out laughing. "hehehe? look at that badass mother fucker giggling like a little girl" Aids says, before taking the last pull out of his scotch. Aids soft-tosses the empty bottle to the assistant behind the cameraman, and they walk away as the camera fades.
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  13. *crowd chants* SOFT AS BABY SHIT + clap x5 *over and over*

    OOC: I see how it is mufukka lol
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  14. OOC: I did kill his family though, you'd think he'd be more :upset: #NoSell :okay:
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. "I wouldn't mind taking out two birds with one stone, or watching them destroy each other while on the same page...." Farooq said as he peeks from his box.