Open Challenge to a Specific Person

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by FailFaceFTW, May 22, 2013.

  1. *Walks out wearing a leather jacket, carrying a trash can full of Kendo Sticks*

    So in past events, I lost the European Championship to Mr Sackfist by 1 vote. It was a tie, and you broke it, causing me a split-second loss. So I've got a proposition. If that last voter has any hint that they've got a pair, step up and walk to this ring and face me right now!
  2. Well, I see you've called me a loser. Amazing.
  3. Kendo sticks are for pussies!
  4. Parker calling a champion a loser... what did you ever do here? :lol1:
  5. OOC: I know... :gusta:
  6. Say that to the Sandman.
  7. *Hawk's music hits and he walks out on stage*​
    You really think you deserve a title shot? Hah! Dont make me fucking laugh, Im the next champ, I DESERVE this briefcase and deserve to challenge the champion, You lost and you need to put your tail between your legs and get out of my ring!​
  8. Adam, I have no idea what you might be smoking, but whoever wins the match between you and Sackfist, I'll have no problem taking my title back in my rematch.
  9. Your not taking anything, Your not getting a match end of.
  10. Once again, you have to be smoking something. After you cash in, and whoever win, I get a rematch. Amazing right?
  11. You get no rematch.