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  1. *David walks to the ramp slowly.*

    "I've seen a lot of things in IWT, and I'll even like to say I've done quite a bit her, but one thing I've never been able to rap my head around is how creative does things around here, in case you don't understand what I mean, I'm talking about how they set up challengers upon challengers to have their hand at the X-Division champion and they just set them up for the inevitable: Failure."

    "Now, call me the worlds cockiest man, but I'll say what I have said since I joined IWT, and that is I am the King of IWT. I've never kissed ass to get to the top, hell The Cure didn't even help me get to the top when I was teamed with them, you know who helped me get to the top? Myself. I'm the one who strived and clawed to get to the top of the X-Division food chain and although I still made it, I am still getting disrespected by creative, and its time for that to stop. Jonathon, I'm going to open your eyes to show you this title I'm holding means something, because it really does. In the X-Division you have the worlds best, hungriest, and most vicious competitors. Legends have been in the X-Division such as Farooq, Sackfist and many more. Which brings me to why I'm out here..."

    *The fans start pondering in thoughts*

    "I'm out here because I want to send out a challenge to ANY IWT competitor who walks, talks, moves and breathes to challenge me for my X-Division title at Survivor Series. I will pick whoever I see fit, not the IWT champion to pick. Not the IWT GM to pick, but the all night action main attraction your boy David!"

  2. I call it, Let me type up a promo, gotta do something
  3. *A jeep pulls up to the arena front, good pop*

    *Duggan gets out of the jeep, enters through the arena, makes his way through the crowd, jumps the rail, grabs a mic*
    Dexx: Your looking for a challenger huh? Now, you see, this is what I was talking about when I got back, I took on 2 guys way more up than me and that caused my downfall and I was a jerk, this is kind of the same scenario. Now I know what I said, despite the fact you might be way more popular than me, you could be better than me, and you might beat my ass... but if I get in that ring with you and go down a fighting man, I know I have respect mate, from them, and from the guys in the back. I'll accept your challenge. I'll show you why these people respect me for trying and why I am a more hungrier, flamboyant and a more desperate trying player in this game than you.
  4. @David The GIANT oh i'm sorry, I thought the term "open challenge" was relevant to dick heads.
  5. Wot?
  6. You said open challenge and on my status comments you said no to me.
  7. I said no because Aids said my time was up, jeeeeeeez. Calm down brah
  8. oh, sorry dude