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    *Christian's theme hits

    *Crowd erupts as they are in Canada
    Announcer 1: What a thunderous reaction to the World Heavyweight Champion who steps foot back on his homeland.
    Announcer 2: He will be facing Baara and Gohan in a triple threat match in 2 weeks at Extreme Rules.
    Announcer 1: Speaking of Gohan, in the May edition of IWT Magazine, he stated that he would have wanted to face Christian in a 1 on 1 match rather than a triple threat the these fans are gonna get.
    Announcer 2: But with that logic, the odds would be against Gohan. How much confidence does that man have?
    Announcer 1: I don't know, but it looks like the champ is going to speak.


    *Crowd erupts

    Christian: December 17th, 2012. That date is important to me, it's important to us! That day was the beginning of the era of the peeps!

    *Crowd cheers

    Christian: That day was when I became the first ever World Heavyweight Champion!

    *Crowd cheers

    Christian: Now many people within the IWT have had their ups and downs. For instance at Wrestlemania, I lost the Tag-Team Championship...

    *Crowd boos

    Christian: BUT! The UP was that I successfully defended my World Heavweight CHAMPION!

    *Crowd cheers

    Christian: Not only that, but it was the main event of Wrestlemania. The MAIN EVENT! No Aids wasn't the main event. My match closed the show, in front of 80,000+ fans from all over the world!And who did I defeat? I defeated a former United States Champion and the 2013 Royal Rumble winner! I proved at that moment that no, I wasn't a joke, no I'm not a phony and NO, I'm not a coward. I went into that match like the champion I am.

    *Crowd cheers

    Christian: Now before I take down Jonathan and Aids along side with Team Smackdown or Team Britanica, what ever you prefer, I am going to have an open challenge to anyone in the back! You can be a newcomer, you can be an old timer, a part-timer, I don't care. Come out for the match of your life.
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  2. Canada :lol1:

    *waves to Aids*
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    Christian: Jonathan, you wanna challenge me?
  4. I don't face jobbers. :pity2:

    I can't wait to watch you be demolished in your IWT match at Extreme Rules.
  5. Christian: This Jobber has a title reign 3 times longer than your husband.
  6. Not for long :pity2:
  7. Christian: That's true. Considering Aid's will lose his title at Extreme Rules, it'll be 4 times longer.
  8. Rules:

    1. Four Promos each
    2. Pictures, Videos and Smiley's are ALLOWED
    3. After all promos are done, voting goes on for 24 hours before winner is decided

    Note: This is a non-title match
  9. Christian: Does anyone want to step up and face the greatest thing in IWT today! Hey Jonathan, get #24DaysAndCounting, tell him #136DaysAndCounting wants to talk to him.

  11. Champ steps out holding his cruiserweight title on his shoulder and removes his black sunglasses, walks to the ring and slides in wearing a black sleeveless hoody and white t-shirt.

    Yo Champ, it seems that Jonathon doesn't wanna bring out Aids Johnson to see the "peeps" as you call them. Gohan apparently is either not risking injury before his event or has paid another visit to Brit, as we saw in Dat Story from Jersey or whatever social bizzle Dat Kid be throwing around these days, point is, you wanna fight, I wanna fight, and all we got is time to kill, eager fans and a ring.

    Now I am not looking for a title shot, but to be able to go into three matches at Extreme Rules with a victory over the World Heavyweight Champion, and the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion is an opportunity I am not going to miss, so how about it, you vs me right here in the great white north.
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  12. Off-Kayfabe: Watching TNA, wanna do it tomorrow? Or will you still be on.

    Christian: Sackfist, you're the future of this business. I accept your challenge. You can start whenever you like.
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    Off-Kayfabe, tomorrow works dude

    In-Character: Name the place, the time Champ and I'll be there

  14. Suddenly the lights dim, and Aids Johnson comes out to a crowd filling the arena with boos.

    Go ahead, cut my music. Christian who do you think you are kidding? These people came to see THEIR IWT CHAMPION come to face another opponent. *cheers* Unfortunately for these losers *boos fill the arena* I am not going to waste my time on you. The longest defending IWT Champion? You are just one step above the rest of the midcard, lead by their champion Sackfist *Crowd cheers*

    Unfortunately for you, you will always be #2 to my belt. MY TITLE, defended by me, Aids the champ, the most controversial and loved member of the IWT. YOUR CHAMPION. You are just a piece of the puzzle, and when it was completed, the picture was clearly me, holding my belt. You have my permission to face Sackfist, and you're welcome for the honor. Hit my music.
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  15. Wow... Aids, I don't know how to respond to that. I called you out three times and you backed out every single chance you had. Ladies and Gentleman, this man is apparently the BEST in the IWT. This so called man, who is currently losing to a rookie in the business. All I can say is that you're smart. The fact that you've pretty much lost against a rookie means that you wouldn't last one second in the ring with me. The thing about me is that I talk the talk and walk the walk, while you crawl beneath the ring. So hit your music, throw a toothpick at the camera, do whatever you like. But what your eyes are laying on, is 137 days and counting, the BEST champion within all of IWT, the World Heavyweight Champion, "Captain Charisma"... Christian!
  16. *Aids stops, listening with a smile plastered on his face, a horrible job at faking laughter*

    Are you serious? You TIED your opponent on a Gohan vote, and wouldnt be ANYTHING in the IWT without a well placed vote to keep things tied. Senhor perfect is a perfect example of an undeserving champion, and i am far from defeated.

    You wanted to face me and i backed out? Never. You have nothing to offer me, i am the IWT CHAMPION and Million Dollar Title holder, i am twice the man you are, and without me, this place would be a ghost town. Sack will beat you, and you will see your place amongst the others as the IWT is filled with midcarders. Once i finish beating Airbourne and put Senhor in his place, You have my permission to polish my titles. That's right, TITLES.
  17. Extreme Rules is around the corner, and you both have 1 match to look to. Aids you can trash the mid-card all you want, and name me the champion, I'm flattered but after your match with Airbourne, He says he is coming after me and my title, and Aids I will have to teach the rookie how the big dogs roll in IWT. Aids I don't think you need another lose heading to face Senhor in his rematch, a match some speculate you will lose. Christian has two opponents, but me, I have 3 opponents to face. You both may hold the top titles in the company, but you two are gonna be the 2nd topic of conversation when I stand with 3 victories after Extreme Rules.

    So Aids I suggest you head over to that announce table and watch me take on Christian right here on his home terf.
  18. *Christian looks confused

    Hey, I tied which means I retained my championship. And who was I against? Former United States Champion and the 2013 Royal Rumble winner. You lost to a rookie! You're an embarrassment to the entire IWT and the only reason you're still champion is because of Jonathan. You guys remind me of someone, but who can it be... :idk:

    That's right. That's who you guys remind me of. I have nothing to offer? I carry one of the most prestigious titles within the IWT, not a title that's been thrown around like Kelly Kelly. The difference between you and myself is that I'll be walking away at Extreme Rules with my enemies lying on the hand raised high as I carry my title on the other hand. THAT'S... what'll happen at Extreme Rules.
  19. Off Kayfabe: Wanna battle now? We can probably do it quickly or if it's tomorrow that's cool.
  20. Off-Kayfabe: Sure dude
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