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  1. I've been gone for awhile now but have been watching. I'm here to take what's destined to be mine, and that's the IWT championship. I'll go through who ever I have to, to make it to the top. So whoever wants to, come on out! I'm here and ready to hang with the big dogs.​

  2. *Jacob comes out*

    Mmmmm... You should ask those newcomers who want an IWT title match... Come on, everyone wants a championship match but no one proves why they deserve to be the IWT Champion...

    *Jacob facepalms and leaves*

  3. Woah woah woah, you can't leave yet. It's my turn! You're right, I am a newcomer. Only difference between me and all of those other noobs is that I won't come in here and demand a title shot I am gonna go through one member at a time, and eventually get my hands on the gold. Unfortunately, this starts with you. I'm not that familiar how things are ran around here but what I can tell about you is that you're a coward. You are everything that an IWT wrestler shouldn't be. A REAL IWT wrestler would stay and take shit since you think that you can dish it. You're almost as bad as CMPuLs3. ​
  4. *Jacob stops in his way to the back*

    So you think you can come out here, ask for a title match and say you aren't just like the rest of the newcomers? I'm not going to be a dick with you. I won't even try to talk to you. I don't give a fuck about your how should a real IWT wrestler be when I think you haven't had a match yet. Nevermind, I have better things to do than staying here. I've got a match at Uprising. Did you know that? Everyone deserves a championship match, but you have to prove what you're made of. Just letting you know. Words are cheap.
  5. When did I ask for a title shot? I said that I'm here to make a name for myself. I'm not that noobish. If words are cheap then why do you keep talking? You're a fluke here and are here just because of popularity. I thought that people like you would respect a young up and comer just trying to do what he can to make it to the top. I have to work for what I have in life just to make it. How dare you tell me that I'm just like the rest of them! I just need one chance to show you and the rest of IWT that I deserve to be here! You're right, I'm not on Uprising but I guarantee that I will be next week. And it won't be me riding the cotails of my partner either.
  6. You just said some time ago you're destined to be the IWT Champion, isn't that asking for a shot? At least in my opinion it is... Don't really know if you remember it, but I'm sure this guys in the crowd do remember it.

    *Jacob asks to show the clip. The clip is shown on the tron.*

    I never said you don't deserve to be here. If you have a contract with this company it's because you earned that right. Congratulations, that's your first step, but now you have to prove what you can do in front of this people. You have to show us what they saw in you. Well, I loved to be out here talking with you a bit, but I have better things to do. I'm sure you'll someday be at Uprising and you'll someday be a part of a PPV, but as you said, this week you aren't so I'm going to train a bit because that's what I should be doing.

    *Jacob leaves the ring while the conversation ends*
  7. *Aries walks out in normal fashion, He shakes Jacob's hand on the ramp and tells him "I got this one man", He walks into the ring and takes a mic*​
    You really believe you can walk out here, Disrespect my team mate, Demand a title shot and get away with it? You are sadly mistaken young buck, I accept your god damn challenge, Special Guest Ref match, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived Vs Some Cocky Rookie. Done.​
    OOC: Big E Rection or Jesse Pinkman can you make this match thread please.​
  8. :ohgod:
  9. Scarred of losing?
  10. Do you want to fight em?
  11. Yeah.