Open Challenge

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  1. A dark figure dressed in full black makes his way to the ring, no music or any lighting effects as the crowd looks confused and begins to whisper among each other. The figure is seen taking a microphone near where the announcer is and slides into the ring. "Chrysalis has opened a challenge to anybody who is willing to fight her. She is willing to take on anybody, just come out and wait inside of the ring and confirm that you are here to challenge her. That is all." The figure said, holding the microphone as the crowd gives a quiet mixed reaction, wondering if anybody will accept the open challenge.
  2. (gav the chav) oi back in the kitchen you stupid cow and go make the lads some sandwitches you fucking slag yes i'll fight you as long as jonathan lets me have to matches on the ppv
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  4. Sure, I'll make you a sandwich, since the biggest meat that's ever in your bedroom is a ham sandwich dear.
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