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  1. *The lights transition into a crimson shade of red, and Sin's theme starts to reverberate throughout the packed venue*

    *Spinzz and Andrew slowly walk onto the stage, they're dressed casually, and their titles hug their shoulders. The two peer at the commentator booth before easing their way down the ramp. They place their titles on the apron and Spinzz slides into the ring while Andrew retrieves a mic. Instead of entering the ring with his partner, Andrew decides to stay outside while he speaks*

    "It was just a little while ago that our 'General Manager' and his new personal life partner came down here to the ring, our ring, and said that all of the champions are now under an evaluation. Either we perform or we get the boot, how...cute. You want to play games? We'll amuse ourselves and play along for a little bit."

    *Andrew walks up the steps, and proceeds to enter the ring along side his partner. He places his free hand on Spinzz; the two look at each other and laugh before refocusing*

    "We'll compete at the next Uprising, like we had planned. There's just one problem, we have no competition. The Order has pretty much been reduced to ashes, thanks to us. The Church is no more, neither is the oh so Dazzling Chavs. And we have to wait until Money in the Bank until we show Bryant, and Kaizer, why the tag division belongs to Sin."

    "Uprising seems to be approaching rather quickly, so here's what we'll do. We'll play our own little game. It's called be a better bookie than any IWT GM ever has, even Dat Kid. Long name, but I assure you it's fun. It's also quite simple. If there's anybody in the back that would like to take on Spinzz, and myself, come out and let yourself be known. Hell, if there's three willing bodies then you can face the entity that is Sin."

    *Andrew hands Spinzz the microphone so he can pick up their titles-- he gives Spinzz his title, and they put the titles back on their shoulders as they wait for an answer*
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  2. OOC: @NexFlax and @Trevor~ this would be an excellent time for you to make yourselves known.
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  3. *Frie is seen walking down the ramp without music. The crowd is surprised to see him.*

    I know that I should really be preparing for my title match at Uprising, but I really wanted to come out here and prove al lot of people wrong. Ya see, ever since we formed, we've been nothing but criticized. Most of the IWT locker room has not even paid attention to us. But most importantly they haven't believed. As soon as we formed, we made an impact. You guys are the tag team champions now. And it's not as Spinzz & Andrew, it's as members of S.I.N.

    *The crowd pops.*

    And I? I have been doubted since I came back. My loss at Mania was a wake up call, to be honest. I won 3 matches in a row, including a triple threat, and am now the #1 contender. No matter what people say about the X-Division title, I know that it's the ticket to the World Championship. The moral of these words is that we don't need attention. We don't need bandwagoners. We don't need believers. All we need is to keep on going into matches with a winning attitude, and show how we are...... Strength..... In........ Numbers.

    *The crowd simultaneously chants S.I.N as they wait for the open challenge acceptance.*
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    *S.I.N waits patiently for any form of challengers to appear. But when no one comes out Spinzz moves to talk.*

    Spinzz: What my buddies have said is all true. We have been doubted since day one in this company. Hell, you have the money maker, the man who has brought more lucrative sponsorhips to this company than anyone else as one half of your tag team champions and you are still doubting "our abilities", you doubt us while you sit there in your comfortable Italian designer chairs, eating your fancy meals and drinking your sodas that his face got you.

    The more things change in the IWT, the more things stay the same. We traded in " a cancer" for a bona fide venereal disease, and while cancer can be treated and cured, we all know that HIV can't. There's only one destination once you contract it, a casket. Unless you've got the money like Shaq. And we all know that the three men who make the money in this company are standing in this ring right now! You want to doubt us? You want to cut us? Watch your revenue dip faster than a WWE stock or a TNA gate in the process.

    But as stated, we'll play games. So come out come out whoever you are. Come out and test yourselves against the dude with the attitude, Andrew and the Moneymaker. And who knows, if you beat us, we might even give you a title shot in the future.

    Cause I've got my mind on my money and my money on my mind!
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  5. *on the titantron, BG Kumbi and Nexflax appear sitting in a teenager's bedroom. BG Kumbi and Nexflax are simultaneously coming their hair when the video pops on. BG Kumbi sets his hairbrush aside and then focuses on the camera as the music stops*

    Hello IWT Tag Team Champions. We are the Kumbi Club. We have come to IWT to take back those tag team championships that you stole from us. The Kumbi Club wore those belts long before you did. The Kumbi Club created those Tag Team belts you are holding right now so I'd appreciate it if you would give them over to their rightful owner. If you haven't heard the Kumbi Club is declaring Le War on IWT becuase of there plagarism. The Kumbi Club created E-feds long ago and we're taking back all that we can. So if you don't hand me and NexFlax those tag team belts we will have to declare le war on you as well. The Kumbi Club as already taken down many E-feds because of their plagiaristic acts, IWT is just another target. Now for S.I.N i don't think you have any right to try and take our Tag Team Titles as well. If I were you i'd back out of this ordeal before you get a le war declared on you as well. The Kumbi Club is not somebody that you wan't to mess with. Now, a lot of people are asking Based God Kumbi what excactly is Le War? Le War is were me, NexFlax, and the rest of the members of the Kumbi Club which are all over the world single out a group of people and waste them from this earth. These people are people who haved wronged the Kumbi Club. The Kumbi Club has never lost Le War. Those who have fallen in Le War to the Kumbi Club include 4chan, reddit, funnyjunk, and Thewweforum. If you don't want to join them Andrew and Spinzz that you surrender your tag team belts to us for face the Kumbi Club nation in Le War. And for S.I.N i'd just get in line.

    *BG Kumbi stares at the camera and awaits a respone*

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  6. OOC: oh I hadn't seen this yet @Trevor~ my bad
  7. *nexflax looks at the camera*
    Listen up niggas, this Mr. Mother Fuckin NexFlax here, and I have one question for the IWT Galaxy. Is the tree pine, maple, oak, or other? That's the question we are all asked one one point in time, or another. I also have another question, What is a house in the woods, and why is the wood there? Who knows? Either way, we're gonna fuck up those niggas who fucking stole our fucking shit, nigga. As Andy once said, "I fucking hate these niggas. All they fucking do is fucking break into my fucking house and fucking steal my fucking shit. " Now, IWT Solar System, I have only one question for you, ¿Que tu quieres? Because I'm like, "I hella gotta piss, where is the bathroom?" But back to the topic, I have one question for the IWT Constellation: "You feel me?" Because when I'm done, I will fucking Sergeant Slaughter rhymes cuz I'm Papa Shango, the godfather D-Lo.
    *NexFlax turns away from the camera, puts on his Tweaked Audio Earbuds and listens to some Das Racist. *
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  8. *Spinzz scratches his head before chuckling*

    Spinzz: Well you two certainly are characters. Did the new management really have to scrape this far down into the barrel? It's good to see that Trips work can only go up from here.

    Listen up Slapnuts and Slapnuts 2. I don't know what herb you two are smoking but if you ask Aids I'm sure he can point you in the direction of a good rehab clinic, he's been kicked out of plenty. And since the two of you seem to like to plagiarize history, allow me to be your own personal auto correct. The IWT was founded by people with actual talent, so that rules the two of you out of the equation, secondly. The first IWT tag team champions, were a pair of gentlemen named @Danielson and Draven (@seabs ). Two gentiles with far more class and prestige than either of you schmucks.

    So you sit there in your kiddy room, talking the smack and playing on your gameboys, while you did that I made another 20 grand in the bank, so at least you only wasted your own time.

    You're a bunch of jokes, Kumbi club? Kumba yah bitch!

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