Storyline Open Challenge

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  1. Bubble Cheeks walks out onto the ring in a thong. The fans are seen covering their children's eyes, soon a TV-MA rating is shown(#AttitudeEraIsBack). He enters the ring as some women and men throw in money.

    "I challenge anybody here, to see if they can beat a rookie like me!"
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  2. "Fine! If ya losers won't do anything, then @Trip in the Head get yo manager flat ass out here and give me the Hardcore title!!"
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  3. *Trip appears on the titantron*

    TRIP: You want it, how about you fight for it in a match at MITB?
  4. He pulls out binoculars out of his thong and looks around. "Who am I gonna fight!"
  5. TRIP: You'll see........
  6. "But for real, I'm getting the match for sure?" He says, raising his eyebrow.