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    The theme hits and Victoria emerges onto the stage. The Hardcore Championship is around her waist as she looks around at the crowd with a big smile on her face. Heading down the ramp in her ring gear, Victoria smiles and waves to the crowd as she makes her way down to the ring. Taking off her belt and kissing it, Victoria quickly scoots under the bottom rope and picks up her title. Thrusting her arm up into the air to display her title, a mixture of cheers and boos ring through the arena as she puts it back around her shoulder and grabs a mic.

    “Hello IWT Universe!” Victoria smiles and laughs slightly upon hearing the loud mixed reaction from the crowd. “The matches were fantastic this weekend! The IWT made history yet again with another successful pay-per-view event. Some, like Alias Antonio, were able to retain and keep their championships. Others were fighting tooth and nail for a chance to hold a Money In The Bank contract.”

    Victoria pats the championship resting on her shoulder. “While others are back to being champion again. Trip was more than generous giving me a title opportunity for my first match back, and I showed everyone why I am here to stay. Robert gave it his all that night but I was meant to come back in a big way. The strength and determination of a champion still pumps through my veins. Despite being away for far too long, there wasn’t any evidence of rust and the wrestling instincts were still fresh in my mind. Thankfully, it’s given me the additional motivation I need to start going on a new path.”

    Victoria signals over to an employee as she’s handed photos and a scissors. She shows one photo at a time. Some were from the PPV event where she had shot off guns and threatened competitors with knives in the arena, others with deranged looks and straightjackets. “All these memories…broken, disastrous memories. Therapy has taught me that the woman in these photos was lost, desperate for anything that would make her feel worthwhile. Without it, control was lost and dangerous, possessive, and compulsive behavior took its place. Those choices I had made brought me to asylums and nearly to jail. My life could have been ruined forever, but as luck would have it, my story isn’t over yet.”

    Taking a scissors to every photo, Victoria’s voice is lively as the pieces of the photos fall to the ground. “What makes me the dangerous Victoria Parker I am isn’t the title. Oh no, it is far more dangerous than any hardware. The strength and conditioning I do every single day prepares me for every match. The intensity and ‘never say die’ attitude carries me through every match, even against men that are much larger than me, while winning those titles I am not supposed to win. That intelligence and scouting of every talent makes the decisions in the match that much easier to make. The broken woman in these photographs didn’t understand how wrong she really was. No title in the world could define me, but my actions can. The heart of a champion is pumping inside my chest, and despite some of my very poor choices, I’m here to start making the right ones.”

    Handing the scissors back to the employee, Victoria sat on the ropes and looked at the stage. “I’m not just out here to clean out the archives of my unflattering photographs. With the Hardcore Championship in my possession, I’m looking for my very first match as your champion. I’m proposing a dark match to anyone in the back who would like to have a match with me. Having a match against a current champion of the company while I get some much-needed ring work prior to my title contention…well, I think this makes it a win/win for both of us. And, who knows, maybe it could set you up for a title match in the future.”

    Victoria smiles pleasantly as she awaits her opponent. “The challenge has been made. Who’s it going to be?”
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  2. *All of a sudden, Lee nevously walks out with Nowinski standing impatiently by the curtain, ushering Lee forward.*

    Lee: Hi! According to my friend, I should face you. Now my brain better, kind of at least, Me facing you is good return match. Don't worry about me hurt, I know you nicer now, I promise no sue if I hurt by you in match. I want prove myself to doubters that I am back to fighting fitnesses.

    Good luck madam, nice outfit.

    *Lee turns to Nowinski with his thumb and a smile*

    Nowinski [Whispering]: Good, now finish, you've spoken a god-damn biography!

    *Lee nods and turns back to Victoria*

    Lee: Nice talking to you, see you soon! :)

    *Lee turns around and walks away, with a slight bulge. Noticing this, Nowinski rushes him out and through the curtain.*
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  3. Victoria leans in and blinks with a confused expression on her face. Speechless, she waves slightly as she watches Lee head back through the curtain. "Well, uh, it looks like you'll be my opponent. I'll see you later for our match."
  4. Should I make a match thread then?
  5. CrayJ's already got that. This is for Superstars.
  6. So you guys got it handled then? Great
  7. OOC: I would have set it up by now but things have come up with a family member and that's my priority right now.
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