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  1. *the camera cuts to the middle of the ring in the ring there appears to be a man who nobody seems to know anything about he takes a mic and addresses the crowd*

    Fungi: Orite there lads and lasses none of you probably know who the fuck I am but my names Fungi and im a fucking scouser and I come from a little town called Liverpool Im a big fan of IWT I used to sit back home every month and tune in to every ppv while I was sat on my little skinny arse on the dole now I've come to see if I can change my life around and do well in this company

    now you're probably wondering what im doing here so let me get straight to the point I'm here to fight back where I come from I knock people out for fun im hard as fuck me you know you people don't know what you're messing with so I'm issuing an open challenge to everyone backstage to see if any of you stand a chance of beating me
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  2. Gav doesn't want to participate in matches ATM, Also, I'm booking his debut for the WT.
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  3. OOC hmm interesting I reckon I could take him don't you?
  4. shut up.
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  5. :badass:
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