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  1. Ricky walks about an empty saloon with your typical tumble weeds littering the wooden floor.
    "IWT, I am pretty upset, I've been ignored by you heartless bastards ever since I've signed. Never been booked in a match."
    Ricky takes a swig of whiskey with a splash hitting his brown leather boots.
    "Time to change that."
    Ricky smashes his bottle over a rather sorry looking teddy bear (the bear that no one touches at day care and you feel sorry for and decide to secretly adopt) balancing on a pile of multicoloured building blocks, you know, the type you play with as a kid at nursery as they deem Lego as a choking hazard.
    "As you see he won't be an option. But to everyone who isn't called Eddie... If you have the balls, be you female or male, come to the next show, Summer Slam, and fight me. It can even be multiple single fights or even a handicap. I don't give two shits, I want to fight! From the Alamo Freeze to the fucking high school in Dillion.
    So... Question is, are you ready?"

    Ricky walks out of the saloon, purposefully pouring his amber liquid all over the floor stepping over a pile of bodies with shards of glass in. Kicking them to one side.
    "Oops, I thought I called an ambulance..."
    The whiskey stops flowing and Ricky stands, fumbling around in his pocket.
    "Down boy, I'll play with you later!"
    After a while of weird face pulling and awkward positions, he pulls out a lighter.
    "Yippie kay yay motherfuckers."
    He drops the newly found lighter on the floor and walks away into a barren wasteland of empty green fields.
    The camera zooms away showing Ricky being showered by debris with his trusty aviators hiding emotions and a bottle of JD suddenly materialising.

  2. (The Darkness comes out)

    The Darkness - Open challenge huh i accept bro and may i say YOU SUCKKKKKK

    (The Darkness runs off in the dark)
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  3. That moment when WUK forgets his own ring name :facepalm:
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  4. (Crowd boos but cheers)
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  5. (@WUKOffical )
    The camera scrolls in, stops focusing on the oak desk sitting in the centre of the awfully lit room, the type that you would see someone enter into in a horror film and the killer stabs them and you call the spot before they walk into the room.
    The camera turns and reveals the same setup but with a more crisp looking image, with a person in the leather chair behind.
    "Well, well, well." Ricky slowly rubs his hands together.
    "What do we have here.. A old man, wanting to wrestle me? This old man can't wrestle. And nor can I, I fight though. This man can't even fight. You might as well of permanently retired as come Summer Slam, you'll be put in a wheelchair for so long your coffin will have wheels." Ricky stops talking and opens a draw up.
    "Now, I've spoken for long enough, Summer Slam I will smash this bottle over your head."
    The camera turns back to reveal the same reflected set.
  6. k, When was WUK allowed back in IWT?
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. A while ago. But I regret my decision, based on the fact that he can't accurately recall his own ring name.
  9. Why? this is the second time he's been let back and I'm going to tell you the exact same thing I told you last time you let him back, I'm going to say the same thing. YOU SHOULD HAVE EXPECTED THIS.
  10. He was brought back for a match against FTJ. Not only that, but tons of people were telling me to let him in. He himself wanted back in, as well.

    I fully expected this, but I do find it comical that he gives so little shits that he can't remember his name.
  11. so if he was brought back for one match, why is he accepting the open challenge?
  12. I can't control his activity. But the reason he was let back in, was for that match with FTJ.
  13. Then put me in the match.
  14. that's not going to happen. That match has been hyped for too damn long so how about @King B ?
  15. how bout yourself?
  16. I have a IC title match so I'm already booked.
  17. a champ has to fight. and a fighter wants to fight every chance they get.
  18. @C.M. Shaddix you wanna face him?
  19. I'm busy with Corey Marcus
  20. The FTJ match is supposed to happen at SummerSlam.

    We can still have Ricky Daniels vs. WUK at Uprising.