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  1. Red and Black strobe lights flicker on and off with the drum beat. Just as the guitar starts the lights go off and a ominous glow is on the ramp. At 0:43 of the song, Michael walks out from the curtain accompanied by a pop and other random crowd reactions. He walks down to the ring wearing his ring attire and "New Generation" T-Shirt tucked into his trunks. He rolls into the ring, and bends under the bottom rope to receive a microphone. He stands up straight and begins to speak.

    : Jwab is the new Hardcore X-Division champion, Victoria Parker is taking her 50th hiatus. Midas retains his European championship in a hard fought battle with that...uh...what's his name? It doesn't matter. Most importantly, the man that was laid out by my New Generation, Gav the Chav defeated a vulnerable Joey Bryant after a hard fought battle with Chris Kaizer. Night of Champions was actually of a decent quality...decent. Night of Champions would have been 5x better if the IWT's Franchise, Michael was apart of the goddamn card. The New Generation has been neglected for far too long, negligence does more to fuel the fire then it does to kill it. This fire that has been fueled by the ignornace of the IWT locker room, staff and fans has boiled over. Those who dare step in to kill it, will be scorched. Ami, you'll be the first to perish under this wildfire that has sparked deep in the IWT's root and core, but many will be wounded before one is dead, and I'm asking anyone to be the first one to step up, and face me. You'll see that putting out this flame is harder than it seems.

    Michael runs his hand through his hair before looking around with a slight grin. He begins to speak again.

    Michael: The IWT may be shaping into a new form, but I'm here to not only break the mold of this dynasty here in the IWT, 1st to 2nd. I'm here to mold something new, and if that means being the first to be beaten in this ring again, than so be it. I'm not the biggest, the baddest or even one with the potential, but I am The Franchise, the work horse of the IWT and the I am here to fight.

    (Open Challenge, respond if you want a match.)
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  2. The lights in the arena dimmer and a familiar baseline begins to play. The crowd anticipates the return and they focus on the ramp which is now masked by a cloud of grey smoke. A figure ambles out from the curtain and stands shrouded in the mist. The guitar hits and the figure steps out from the cloud of smoke and unveils himself and the crowd goes from a rumble to a roar.

    It's Trevor Raynor.

    Trevor Raynor struts down the ramp in a familiar fashion. He's adorned in an all black outfit that constitutes a leather jacket, jeans, and boots. Trevor Raynor strides up the steel steps and enters the ring. Trevor Raynor draws a microphone and smirks. Raynor stalks Michael, methodically walking around the ring. Raynor stops as the crowd is down applauding and opposes Michael and the music fades out.

    Dear Michael, thank you for giving me the opportunity to make my return. Later after my most recent and most embarrassing loss, of the many that i've had, I doubted that I'd ever show my face in IWT again. The match that was supposed to my Grapes of Wrath, the big sequel to Trevor Raynor vs. Aiden Ryan turned out to be the biggest disappointment in my career. Which is saying a lot because my wrestling career has been littered with disappointments. I had to remove myself from IWT for a brief movement. Trevor Raynor had gone under construction. I decided my wisest choice of action was to stop and think about why I had not found success and how I could approve. There would be no point to try and immediately rebound from such a poor performance.

    After a fortnight of thought, I have realized that my former self was a mosh pit of characters. I didn't know who I was trying to be and my goals were unrealistic and unclear. Once I had established a sound understanding of myself, I waited for my moment to return. I didn't think it'd come this soon. However, It seems like you, Michael, are a worthwhile investment of my time. You aren't a Brandon Pain or a Michael Alexander, beating you will mean something. You and I both having something to prove to everyone as well. The outcome of our match will mean a lot for both of us.

    At this point in my career I have nothing to lose. Losing to you will just be another disappointment that I've been able to get used to. So taking you upon this open challenge is no risk for me. I don't have anything to lose. So Michael, I hope I was the opponent you were looking for. You're definitely the opponent I needed.

    Sincerely Yours, Trevor Raynor.

    Trevor Raynor exhales the microphone back into this jacket pocket.
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  3. Michael looks at Trevor.

    Michael: Trevor, you and I have had a very similar dilemma in our career. Do we stand up to disappointment and discouraging obstacle's or do we pack up and leave? Surely, guys like Gav the Pussy have never had that problem, but we did. I stood up to it for 7 months as a matter of fact, and when I packed up, 3 weeks later I came back recharged and ready to go. The only difference between you and I, is that I came back to form The New Generation. Instead of spouting out letters to my opponents, I went head to head with any and every opponent no matter their place on the card or what type of notoriety they had. Where did that mentality lead me? The motherfucking World Heavyweight title scene.

    Michael: I've ran very long with a heavy burden, and some may say that I'm still not fit to be a world champion. But no one in that damn locker room can't say that I've been THE Franchise of this company. I've exhibited everything this company originally stood for. I may not be #1 but I am the work horse of this company, and that is far better than being some part timer who only competes at PPV's. The Franchise accepts your challenge. Hold tight, this will be fun.

    Michael drops the microphone.
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