(Open, FRIE) A Real Man

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  1. A couple roars of excitement fills the stadium threw out the crowd before Jeremy's music played.

    Coming from behind the curtains a light brown goatee around his mouth, minimum chest hair, wearing a black muscle shirt with the words :Victim: printed across the middle and black military pants to cover his legs. He made a powerful stride down the ramp, fist clenched, before immediately stepping into the ring. Before he spoke, he looked at the crowd with one hand on his hip. He gave no smile he just let aura speak for him at the moment. He spoke carefully and controlled his tone enough so his frustration wouldn't get the better of him. "I don't know if you wanted to start a fight or if you were just pouting because you didn't get what you wanted, I don't know." He paused looking at the signs that the people in the audience were holding up one sign read :Over Here with a red arrow pointing down:

    He stepped back putting his back up agains't the right corner of the turnbuckle before sitting on top of it. He then continued... "So let me tell you what I do know. You came up behind me, decided that you would hurt somebody that night." His eyelids wrinkled his face for a moment when the twenty five old squinted. "And you dropped my head against the concrete. The thing is, you didn't stop, you kept going, attacking me with a chair from behind then locking me in the trunk of a Chevy." A hint of frustration emitting from his tone.

    "There's a reason for everything and to everybodies dislike. Also excuses," He looked around at the audience for a brief second shifting his eyes side to to side. The crowd was neutral. "And I want to hear yours no excuses only the truth. That is if your a real man." He finished as he gestured with his two fingers repeatedly being pulled forward twice.
  2. *Cal Naughton Jr. appears on the titantron. The people cheer very loud.*

    Listen, Marshawn or whatever the hell your name is. I have nothing against you, and my problems are not with you. They're with that tea drinking, newspaper reading, queen loving, un-american Bruce Knight. I was angry that he screwed me over to get the win, and I needed to take that anger out. And you were the first guy in my sight. If you were who you say you were, you would kick my Jesus loving ass. But you didn't. You're soft. And we don't need no softies in Federation X. I'm not here to call you out. I'm here to tell you that Ricky and I have no business with you. Leave it alone.

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  3. Shaking his head some before jumping off the turnbuckle and walking closer to the apron. Holding the mic while looking at the titantron, "When you attacked me you made it my business. Now come down here." He said throwing the mic to the right before taking off his shirt and putting his foot agaist the bottom apron. The crowd cheers a little but ultimately remain neutral towards him they also want to see the outcome between the two wrestlers.
  4. *Cal is contemplating.*


    *Cal's face disappears off the titantron.*
  5. "So let me this straight you get mad and attack me then act like a coward when I call you out to settle it. Bring your ass out here or I'm coming back there to kick your ass!" Marshawn waits for a moment to see if he'll man up, he knows that Cal can hear him.
  6. *Cal is shown leaving the arena.*
  7. exiting the ring Marshawn chases him down going through the backstage area the moment he sees the guy that attacked him whos trying to escape the arena, he runs like football player and spears him from behind then bombards him mutiple times in the back of the head with powerful blows. He stands up grabbing the guy by his neck before ultimately lifting him above his head and throwing him into the wall.
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    Marshawn under the impression that this guy was a coward shaked his head grabbing his shirt and putting it over his shoulder before exiting the ring.