WrestleMania Opening match on the Wrestlemania card revealed

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    Good call if true. They pretty much have to get the tag match out of the way to keep the suspense of Dolph cashing in going. Plus as Bischoff said you want exciting action to open the show and pump up the crowd (why he loved keeping the cruiserweights in their own respective division) and nothing says exciting action quite like Ziggler.
  2. Expected it to happen. For me improves the chance of a cash in later on.
  3. "According to a source" bit always cracks my teeth.
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  4. Good. Doesn't necessarily guarantee a cash-in, but it certainly gives you a chance to bury Ziggler one last time before making him a star.
  5. Hopefully it gets a decent amount of time so we can see Bryan/ziggles get some decent interaction with one another. Don't see the point of a ziggles win here even if he does not cash in later on in the show. Then again Bryan needs to start going solo,tired of this clowning around shit.
  6. When has Ziggler been buried recently? He hasn't for years, jobbed yes but they aren't the same thing.
  7. 12 minute match with the last 2 or so minutes being an AJ Clusterfuck.

    I honestly don't care if DZ wins or not. It's not like winning the tag titles means shit.
  8. Wait, 8 minutes of Ziggler/Bryan + 2 minutes of the other two fucking everything up + 2 minutes of Ziggler losing the tag titles because of an AJ distraction?

    Sounds perfect! And Ziggler doesn't get buried by holding a tag title.
  9. Good call.
  10. Assumed it would be Del Rio, again. Good call.
  11. It sounds like a good call as you want the show to start strong and end the show strong, but also it keeps the 'suspense' of Dolph Ziggler cashing it in later on. Good decision by the WWE as it keeps us anxious through-out the night to see whether he does cash it in or not.
  12. Team Hell No for the win, I can't imagine Dolph and Big E as champions together