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  1. I'm curious about something.

    For those of you who are not aware, I am a Mason. I know it could be a mistake to ask this, but I'm curious as to what my fellow WWEForums members know about or are curious about regarding the Masonic fraternity.

    No honest question or opinion is unreasonable.

  2. I bought my Mason.
  3. Freemasons have had a lot of ownership on the way this country has developed, with so many important figures being Masonic. I respect anyone who joins it, as i have a friend in it, and unless you hit the top tier, there is really nothing i couldnt find out about the society by google searching/going to my local library.

    You get to work hand in hand with a lot of powerful people, and my friends who are masons have made some really quality connections with people they wouldnt get a chance with outside of it.
  4. I have a very general understanding of it, can you explain what exactly it is and what you do as a member?
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  5. Cuddle & watch the notebook.
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  6. "Obligations are those elements of ritual in which a candidate swears to abide by the rules of the fraternity, to keep the "secrets of Freemasonry" (which are the various signs, tokens and words associated with recognition in each degree), and to act towards others in accordance with Masonic tradition and law"

    If he's a true 'masonary' he won't say.

  7. I've heard there are Lodges where this happens, but not in Texas.

    The general idea behind the Masonic "ideal", if you will, of what Masons do is that we gather to improve our communities by supporting and working with charity groups, churches (of all sorts), and other civic organizations to make the lives of people in those communities better.

    For example, most Masonic organizations have what could be called "pet charities": the Shriners have their crippled childrens' hospitals and burn centers, the Scottish Rite also supports childrens' hospitals, the Masonic Knights Templar have a foundation that pays for eye care (including surgeries) for children whose families can't pay for it, and the list goes on from there.

    Other charitable projects get more local. For example, the Lodgesin my area collectively support a program that gives "teeth care kits" (they include a toothbrush, toothpaste, some floss, and a couple of other things) to first graders in the local schools. A lot of Masonic Lodges award scholarships to deserving high school grads who are seeking higher education. Things like that proliferate throughout American Lodges.

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  8. The proper term would be "Mason" and this is one of the greatest misconceptions about the Masonic Lodge.

    I won't tell you the passwords or signs (as Aids alluded to, those aren't as "secret" as they used to be anyway), but, knowing the passwords don't make you a Mason anymore than wearing a bow tie and a fez makes you the Doctor. It's far more about living a particular philosophy of life that teaches helping others and making yourself a better person than it is about what you get out of it.

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  9. I have a general understanding of the concept of masonry and I have a friend who is a Freemason. Never gotten a chance to explore it myself, I was scouted by the templars though back when I was 20.
  10. My grandpa's brother is head of a lodge in which he tried to get out of years ago and the only thing I can say that I know is that they threatened to kill his family so he couldn't leave. When my aunt was younger she stumbled upon one of their meetings in which they were drinking some kind of blood and sacrificing a goat or a lamb or something and chanting gibberish. Now I am not 100% agreeing on this stuff, just saying what I have heard. He is a very dark, secretive man. He was very mean to his daughter (my cousin).. He use to lock her in closets and beat her and blame her for his sons mistakes. She grew up to have a TON of issues, including beating her own daughter... Who use to be my best friend. From what I gathered... It screws with people's minds and I don't want any part of it!! lol

  11. What you stumbled on is not part of Freemasonry. They might claim they are or even think they are, but they're not. It's like stumbling upon a Satanic ceremony where there's a cross on the wall and thinking that Christians worship Satan. Their claims don't make it true.

    If your friend is getting abused, please help them seek help. If the person doing the abusing is a Mason, he'll be removed from the Fraternity, as every recognized Grand Lodge in the United States and United Kingdom forbid their members from participating in criminal activities. That doesn't mean that Masons don't commit crimes because Masonry has members from all races and walks of life, with all sorts of psychological profiles. Aleister Crowley himself claimed membership in a Masonic Lodge (the Lodge he was a member of called itself Masonic, but had been stricken from the rolls of the United Grand Lodge of England for participating in criminal activities and espousing atheism (which no Mason is allowed to espouse...nothing against atheists personally, they just can't be Masons; Christians, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Ba'hai, Hindis, Buddhists, pretty much any religion that believes in a supreme spiritual being can join; since atheists don't believe in a supreme spiritual being, they cannot).

    Your great uncle sounds like a pretty shady individual (no offense intended to your family, but from the charges you level against him, I don't think I'm saying anything you don't already know/believe/feel). He may be a Mason, but, if he wanted to leave the (legitimate) Masonic Lodge, he could do so freely. I am currently the head of my Lodge and, if I wanted to resign my office and leave tomorrow, they would ask why but they wouldn't stand in my way. Lots of people have left Masonry and gone on to long and successful lives afterwards, including William Wirt, who served as Attorney General under President James Madison (I think it was Madison, may have been Monroe) and later ran an unsuccessful campaign for President after leaving the Fraternity (he came in third behind Democrat Andrew Jackson and Whig Henry Clay, both of whom were Masons...pretty ironic that the Party that nominated him, the Anti-Masonic Party, nominated a man who had once been a Mason for President...I'm just sayin'.)

    If you need any help dealing with your friend and getting her help, I'll happily put you in touch with proper authorities so that she can be helped.

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  12. Well I have 0 knowledge of it so can you dumb it down for a guy like me?
  13. I'm sorry Brit, but that sounds like a bunch of crap. Not saying you're lying, or your family is lying, but that's just so silly. Stereotypical "satanic worship/ritual" nonsense.
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  14. Gotta agree with Waco and deth here Brit. That does not sound anything like what the masons are known for.
  15. The only Mason I know is Mason Ryan. Hope they aren't tanned and beat random people up.
  16. Satanists are definitly real not saying there masons but 100% real i am also from england and somewhere i used to work had the daughter of some satanists and they literally used to someone to rape her and then abort the baby as some sort of sacrifice, she ran away from them in the end but its no laughing matter.
    Going back to free masonry my only issue with it is we have powerfull people who make decisons that affect the whole world and they make them in secret i personally believe that is wrong and decisions about what happens to countrys around the world should be transparent, i have no problems with people who are masons i just don't see any reasons for being so secretive.
  17. The Masonic club in my town in the UK is on quite a busy street and the guys I've seen go in always seem incredibly sharply dressed. I know very little about it but from what a colleague of mine told me there are a lot of high-up members of the local councils and Police forces. It worries me that such a secretive club with such powerful people could lead to the age old corruption but I'd like to think they just use it as a men's club. That being said, I'm a little jealous that us ladies can't play.
  18. I tried helping her... She is 24 now so she is on her own. She chose to keep going down the path she is on. Nothing I can do. I haven't seen or talked to her in 4 years.

  19. Obviously. I never said Satanism isn't real, I just think a lot of is misunderstood and stereotyped. The stuff you or Brit mentioned is definitely in the minority. There isn't even one set Satanic belief. LeVayen Satanism (basically an Atheistic belief that just use "Satan'' as a symbol, Theistic/Spiritual Satanism (they see Satan as a deity, but it's usually a very personal "bond", similar to Hinduism and Buddhism in a way), then there's people's own spin on "Satan" and "Satanism", and ect. From some of the shit I've read, I don't think I've ever seen stuff like "you must murder a baby and rape goats in order to sacrifice yourself to Satan!" or none of that shit, it seems to be more personal and the only blood that's spilled is usually your own. But yes, there are retards who do stupid shit in the name of "Satan", but again it's just idiots and in the minority.
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  20. There are also gangs... Local here, that have young teens and even kids kill people, rob people or even rape someone to be initiated into the "gang". There are so many secret groups and cult followings in the world, it is easy for someone on the outside to get them confused with all the rest. I say that from personal experience. lol I know very little about the masons but the parts I do know about aren't directed at all of them. I actually think they vary from state to state to even countries.