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    *The familiar theme song hits the arena's PA System, resulting in a loud pop for the newly crowned IWT Champion, Alias Antonio. He makes his way on stage, garnering an even bigger pop. Alias is all smiles today as he has both the tag title and the IWT Title around his waist. You can notice some of the wear and tear in him, but that doesn't stop him from rushing down to the ring happily. He rolls in the ring and does his devil horns taunt against the ropes before getting the IWT Title from his waist and posing with it.

    This leads to lengthy "YOU DESERVE IT! NO YOU DON'T!" chants. Alias allows the crowd to simmer down a bit before he decides to speak.*

    You guys are without the doubt the fuel to my fire. Regardless of the reaction. Thank you.

    *Mixed reaction.*

    I've repeated it countless times and will continue doing so. But the IWT Title victory for me is finally all the hard work throughout the years paying off. Constantly honing my craft, constantly going through trials and tribulations. It was all worth it for that one moment. Beating Joey Bryant for this IWT Title I hold proudly this evening. I was the martyr slayer that evening, and the conqueror of the "reign of terror". Bryant provided a challenge, but I did what I said I would do. Have him dangling off of that cell, fearing for his life.

    But that's enough talking about the past. We need to talk about the future now.

    You see, I am an opportunity-taker, but equally, I'm an opportunity-giver. And nowadays, the future of this company is built on opportunity. It just takes ONE opportunity to put your name on the map and pose a serious threat to evryone in this locker room. ONE opportunity to make a name for yourself.

    And since my buddy Christian seems to have his Uprising plans sorted. I'm giving a humongous opportunity to anyone in the back to test me at Uprising. Literally anyone. Non-title, but if they manage to defeat me, I'll give them a guaranteed future title shot.

    I gave Lee a taste of opportunity a couple of days ago, alright.

    Either way, it's all about opportunity brothers, and now it's time to seize it. Come on.

    *Alias awaits someone to make their way to the ring*
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  2. Suddenly

    Alkatrz tears out from the curtain and stares at Antonio, he then signals that he wants the belt around his waist.

    (ooc: you can ball with this longer, or if this was a storyline, we can build future)​
  3. *Alias laughs and points at him, as if he's saying: "Is this it?"*

    Sure man. You've just took the biggest risk of your life. I'll see you at Uprising, Big Guy.
  4. The Big Guy smirks, he then spits on the floor and nods.
  5. Chris Kaizer runs behind Alkatrz with a #Kaizer4GM sign
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  6. Kaizer's character base if anyone was wondering.
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