Promos Oriental Beginnings.

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  1. The screen pans to a dark place, proably some sort of cave, showing Taigaman slowly putting his mask on...
    "I am finally here"
    You Can hear water drip as Taigman starts lacing up his mask.
    "The people have called"
    Taigmans mask is half way laced as you see the back of his head still.
    "The holy grail"
    Taigamans mask is laced up as he slowly moves his hands away from the mask.
    "After travelling the world"
    Taigaman lifts his head up slowly, still facing the back of his head.
    "I have finally reached my end."
    The camera starts panning around to the front as intense oriental music starts playing.
    "And to be here"
    The camera pans to the front and starts zooming in on his large, blue eyes.
    "Is only the beginning...."
    A low pitch screech is heard as the camera goes black.
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