OOC Our EC lineups compared to WWE's lineup?

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    Ok, so the EC qualifiers are up. Who would you say is who in our cards? I'll do mine as an example.

    @Harvey Specter - belt defaults to Orton
    @Dolph'sZiggler - Shaemus
    @Lord Ovalhead - Christian

    @Big Boss - Cena
    @DK James - Daniel Bryan
    Trip in the Head - Cesaro

    @Gray Fox - Cesaro
    @CrayJ Lee - Orton
    @Danielson - Daniel Bryan
    @Dat Kid - Cena
    @TheArabHammer - Shaemus
    @JwabHDTV - Christian

    See what I did there?
    EDIT - here let me tag mofos so they in the know, and switched some since i guess D'Z is still in it? I don't fucking know anymore
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  2. I'm Roman Reigns.
  3. LAME response lol
  4. Aids Johnson-Orton
    Joey Bryant-Bryan
    Trip in the Head-Sheamus
    Sir Lee-Christian
    Big Boss-Cesaro(instead of Zeb Colter he has a box)

    Reagan Cole-Kofi Kingston
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  5. Am I really Orton, or is it just default? :mog:
  6. I think Bryan suits me perfectly.
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  7. That was my reasoning, probably would've gave you Cena otherwise
  8. DUH :awyeah:
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  9. OOC: default because you are the champion
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  10. Well i guess the B+ player will be going against the face of the company. This should be a great fight.
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  11. I'm surprised I'm not the darker foreigner yet I'm the human jar of mayonnaise
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  12. LOL, I was thinking you were more big an tough brawler than technical stuff. But Cesaro is a strong guy too.
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    The fact that you made me Christian makes me want to give up on life.

    *jumps off a bridge*
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  14. can i take his EC spot? :dawg:
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  15. Sorry someone had to take that shot. Ain't gonna be me in my own list lol
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  16. Thanks put it in OP too actually, now he'll see it for sure lol
  17. Both black guys got Cena, a white guy who used to act black. Coincidence? I think not. They're at it again Fooq
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  18. I'm surprised you weren't Christian tbh.
  19. Call me whatever you like because at the end of that match you'll all be calling me World Heavyweight Champion...son