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  1. lol dat kid.

    Enjoy the video, post, let me know. I see @seabs found his way into here, and even @Delik is still around to keep IWT active. When do you want the next PPV? We will do 3 months with one ppv each and no uprisings to try and get the rest of WWEF active, and I will make sure to work with people, as the shows are only fri-mon. Friday is the opener, Monday is for matches that will be post show or "bonus footage" and will not be taken into my voting info i'm taking down. Hit me up with what you want, and how you want to do it, and i'll take everything into an understand. I'll start by addressing the first and best option, by being realistic.

    @Majour wants to have a panel as other e-feds do, however, I'm going to do open voting from the forum for the first PPV, and for multiple reasons. 1. I think people on the forum interested see nothing to gain from cheating ATM, and will not risk it. Also Tsar isn't here anymore. 2. We need people interested, and 3. we need to find a secure voting way with 3 1-5 ratings to describe users. One or two votes WILL make or break you, but know that I see no value in wins vs losses, I'm a great example of someone who has 3 IWT runs with people like @Sheik (whom i am at least 0-2 vs) winning tons of matches. I will make sure your match quality and character will keep you in the running for belts, just stay with me.

    Honestly, that is the message. I'm here and running things, but I need everyone here competing, having fun, doing whatever to give me some trust, and believe I'll make sure we get back to where we belong. The people who deserve to win will win, and those starting out will have a learning curve on their way to the top. Have some faith.
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  2. where is my backstage role
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  3. hilarious. I want you to compete, and you did have your time as a champion, just not the role you and jono tried to make. I'll put you in the tourney to face @Ovalhead but voting and posting in the matches will make a big movement for everyone, we really do need an active champ. I am putting it so most matches will have voting at the same time, as it only will be happening during the weekend. I can make it 48 hour 2 promo posting for the first ppv, but we all need to work together to give solid voting and figure the issues out.

    You'll have to earn your way, but I know i'd be juiced to see Jwabtv face Ben Dover.
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  4. :21-1:
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  5. spoke 2 soon
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  6. come back homie.
  7. I will.
  8. #SaveUsY2Aids. I'm glad you're back.
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  9. Give me till 8/20 and I'll be a full time jabroni again.
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  10. 8/20 is fine with me. Just help me get it active again.
  11. don't try homie, do. This section is better for having you back.
  12. especially because you cannot vote for yourself.
  13. Is there anymore changes I should know about?