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    The IWT presents to you a one time event: Aids Johnson and his announcement exclusively on the IWT Netowrk.

    Aids Johnson walks out in a brewers uniform and dress pants to a huge pop from the crowd as the show begins. Aids gets into the ring, taking a microphone toss before holding it up.

    A beautiful night in Kansas City! *Cheap Pop* and here I am, standing in the middle of the ring as the owner of the IWT, announcing out first PPV event! Lets skip the bullshit and the nonsense, and get down to the nitty gritty.

    The IWT is proud to announce our first #1 contender centered PPV, IWT presents Revamped, a new beginning. Our matches will be simple, and the title situation is going to be promoted to get activity as well as find a winner.

    Fri we will have @Shadow take on @Trip in the Head and @Dat Kid take on @TheArabHammer in a #1 contenders match for the IC Title.

    @Majour will face @Butters! that same day for the first IC Champion.

    @seabs will face @Sheik

    @Dat Kid will face @Forrest

    @Hollywood Jwab will face @DKJames

    and finally @CrayJ Lee will face @THG?

    And as a special bonus im facing @Delik on saturday, if he shows up. The match will be to see if he deserves a shot for the IWT at SummerSlam (and yes, im keeping some WWE names.

    ETA: This last part above was obviously a joke.

    All these matches will begin friday and have 48 hours after the first promo to begin voting, ending around the fallout RAW after.
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  2. A very solid card! I like, I like alot!
  3. Well you're not facing me.
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  4. So free win for Aids, yaaaaay
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  5. I wanted to be a ref...
  6. Alright, i'll post the matches in the AM to get everyone started. 48 hours, two promos, 24 hours of voting. This way when some need to stretch, we only go into RAW fallout day. Anyone able to setup a format for the match announcement would be awesome and appreciated. I'll be gone most of fri and sat, but have all of Sunday off to get things back on track if need be. We're all adults here, i'm sure it'll run smoothly.
  7. You're an adult? :nooo::bischoff::booker2::aries2::blackshock::rock2::damn::park::rollins::henry:
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  8. only when i'm sober.
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  9. At least he's honest.
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  10. Even though i just proposed i just have to say @Majour, YOU GOIN" DOWN FOO!!!! :christian:
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Seabs I love you, more than my mother. But now, we become enemies. Two will walk and one will survive.
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  13. Time to put in work....
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  14. Pretty sure I have a fallback or two as this will not likely work 100%, but if any of you see muuftah, based darth, FTJ, or anyone who was or is interested in IWT at some point, direct them to here. To be safe, i'm going to tag people who have not responded.

    @seabs @CrayJ Lee @Dat Kid @jwabtv (think of what happens if you win) @DKJames what the fuck is his username i cannot find it. If anyone OUTSIDE of the competitors wants a match, we can easily plug them in today. Please vote for the other matches you are not involved in, their voting will be during the same time your voting is happening, and should run from before MITB to RAW. I will do the voting so it coincides, as the forum is much more active there.
  15. Not sure if this is where I should say it, but one of our ppvs could be called "The American Dream", in honor of Dusty and all
  16. no, let 2-3 random participants use it in their promos instead of waste it.
  17. :bodallas:All we have to do is believe.
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  18. Jesus Christ I named two threads the same. I'll get to as many threads in the AM as I can, if anyone can help after I go to work from 8-8pm central, it'd be helpful.
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