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  1. The arena goes black as The Order of Night's theme blares through the sound system and the crowd erupts in a roar of cheers and boos. Marcus Anthony walks out to the top of the ramp with his signature sleeveless hoody with the hood up over his head and walks down the ramp his head down looking at the ramp as he walks down. Once he gets to the ring steps he pulls the hood over his head back and let's out a primal scream and runs up the steps and jumps in the ring. He walks to the center of the ring and pounds the mat with his right fist to a bright white pyro going off blinding the arena. He then walks over and grabs a mic from the time keeper

    Marcus: I.....just like all of you in attendance here, are excited to have The Dazzler return

    *crowd pops*

    I know we couldn't live without hearing those timeless catchphrases being spewed from his noise hole and seeing him repeat his same song and dance that's been done before.

    *the crowd loudly boos with a Dazzler mark calling Marcus a jabroni*

    Hey pal *Marcus exits the ring and walks up to the fan* you know who I am?

    Dazzler mark:Y-y-y-yeah you're Marcus Anthony, the guy that is gonna g-g-get his ass BEAT!

    *Marcus turns around and laughs. He then turns quickly around and feints a punch towards the fan making him fall over his chair and spill his beer all over him making Marcus laugh even harder*

    Marcus:Just like The Dazzler himself, you're all talk kid and when push comes to shove.....he falls flat on his ass. He choked against a jobber losing his IC title and once that happened he became bitch made

    *crowd starts to chant BITCH MADE! (clap clap)*

    He felt the wrath of The Order before, he felt it again at Uprising and he will feel it EVEN WORSE at IWT Mania once those titles are ripped from your undeserving hands.

    *crowd gives a loud mixed reaction*

    I know there's someone I haven't mentioned and there's a purpose for that. That to let him know that he's not in our league. This guy can't hold a candle to ANYONE in The Order and he thinks that he can ride Dazzle to another defense? He's out of his damn mind. He couldn't beat me OR my partner at all. So good luck to the both of'll need every bit of it. Come IWT Mania the Chavs will have no option but to....

    *Marcus holds up the mic to the crowd and they scream in unison GIVE IN TO THE ORDER!*

    Trip...come on out and let these fools know how you feel
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    *Trip hops over the railing having come in through the crowd unseen, wearing jeans, boots, and a black Order hoody. The fans near where he climbs over boo and heckle him, but he pays them no mind as he climbs the steps and enters the ring, taking the mic Marcus offered him*

    TRIP: How I feel huh? Well I'm sure if the Dazzler was out here he would say it doesn't matter how I feel. That's because he's PREDICTABLE. Just like he is in the ring. Hate the people, say you represent the people, let the people bend you over and have their way with you Dazzle. Because no matter what you do you will still see the end of your tag champ reign at the hands of the greatest tag team the IWT has ever seen, The Order! *mixed crowd pop* Come IWT Mania this year, the Dazzling Chavs will give in to the Order, one way or another. You may have got the jump on us last week boys, but even the sun shines on a dogs ass some days. But that sun will eventually set and the night will fall. And that's where the Order rules. *Trip says as he raises a clenched fist to his chest, pointing to his tag partner after as he continues* The Phoenix speaks the truth. The track record in this feud is rather one sided wouldn't you say boys? There was our first match all those months ago where the new team on the roster wanted to show what it could do. And did we ever. But, I have heard Gav was not really 100% for that match. So, for the sake of argument, lets not even count that one. Then Dazzle lost to Marcus, then Gav, then Gav also lost to me rather humiliatingly. And of course there was that last rematch with Marcus you were supposed to have Dazzle. *Trip smiles at the nearest camera as the crowd boos* We didn't even come at you 100% that night and we put you out for how long? Long enough for you to go over your list of catch phrases with a fine toothed comb at least. You did you get them all in during your return right? I proved not long ago that even a bum off the street can sling those tired catchphrases just as well as you can if properly motivated. *Trip and Marcus have a quick chuckle while thinking back on this feud. Trip stops laughing and looks serious again* But you best believe I'm upset going into IWTMania. Why? First, some sorry sacks of shit are representing the tag division in IWT and have been for faaaaaar too long in my opinion. Second, we have to prove yet AGAIN that we can beat you two any day of the week in this ring. And finally, that our credibility as IWT superstars will be tarnished just by having to face you at IWTMania. Know this, the ONLY reason you two are even a target on the Order's radar is due to the gold you two wear around your waist. *Trip turns to the crowd* You all know what comes next.......

    *Crowd chants Give in to the Order! and Trip drops the mic with a smug look on his face*
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  3. Artist to Dazzle: Yeeeaah and your going to win, pfft!

    *Dazzle bitch slaps Artist and walks away*
  4. * gav the chavs music plays as gav makes his way out to the ring receiving a positive response from the crowd he takes a mic and steps in the ring*

    ( Gav the chav) here right now you 2 cheeky ****s better stop running your little mouths all gav heard was blah blah blah fucking blah do you know how to keep quiet all you do is come out here telling every single **** in this arena how your gunna take these titles from us, how you're so much better than me and dazzle same old shit different day

    You know what I can't even be arsed talking to you anymore but I know someone who does dazzle get out here and show these cheeky ****s who there dealing with

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  6. *The Dazzler's theme hits and he walks out from backstage to a big pop from the crowd. Over his left shoulder is his Tag Team Championship and in his right hand is a microphone. The Dazzler walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.*

    Finally...................................The Dazzler has come back to IWT!

    *Crowd pop.*

    Dazzler: Here we all are, just a few days before our big wrestlemania tag team championship match. You know what The Dazzler sees in this ring? He sees four guys, including himself, who are eager and ready to get the true fight started. Not some wild brawl during a promo, not a backstage attack, but a real two vs two match between two of the best teams this company has seen. That's what this match is going to be, that's what it's destined to be. Since you two beat us in a dark match, The Dazzler knew you guys would get a shot at these belts. And when you guys entered in the tag team championship tournament, there was no doubt in The Dazzler's mind who would walk out the winner and next challengers for these belts. The Dazzler and Gav have been waiting, expecting, and hoping that this match would come, and now it's finally going to happen. IWT Mania 2. The Dazzling Chavs vs The Order for the tag team championships. It's big boys, it's damn big. This match is going to be different than any match you've seen us compete in. This is personal and serious now. When you attacked The Dazzler, taking him out for weeks, you gave The Dazzler time to think. You gave him time to realize what he has and what he needs to do. This win is a must win for this team. We are the champs, but we are walking in the underdogs. These people may love us and cheer us, but they, including the guys in the lockerroom, don't think Gav and The Dazzler have what it takes to go head to head with The Order and beat them.

    *Crowd boos.*

    Dazzler: They all think that our reign is going to come to an end and that we'll give in to The Order, but you can guarantee, guaran-damn-tee, that it's not going down that way. At IWT Manai 2, The Dazzling Chavs do what every one says they can't do, and thats beat The Order. They didn't think this team could beat The Cure, but damn it, The Dazzling Chavs whipped their candy asses and haven't looked back since. We aren't seen as true threats, but when these titles are on their line we come out in the clutch! These titles are what gives this team life, and we are what gives this tag division life. If you two jabronis think you can take these from us, you're wrong. At Mania, you two better just bring it!
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  13. Thaaaaats better. Henry is such a badass in the background :henry:
  14. Henry? Who cares about Henry when you The Great One right there.