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  1. Recently we came up with an idea to have a proper gallery for our uploads, since we have such an awesome uploader team here who upload all the shows we watch. So I went ahead and spoke to a user called Leefish who is a very talented user at mybb.com. I asked Lee if I could pay to have this done and she said yes naturally because of my overwhelming charm :otunga:.

    Anyway, it's here now and you can see it by clicking here. Not all the uploads are there yet, as they all need to be transferred over and some of them can't because they're in playlists. This will be for full shows until I come up with a way around it, which I'm trying.

    It acts like its own forum and only Uploaders can make threads there, but everyone can reply and like them etc, Let me know what you think :emoji_slight_smile:. The original watch RAW thread will likely stay there for nostalgia and convenience because of the older episodes, but this will be the better way to watch our uploaded shows in a much more organised manner.

    You can access that section quickly by clicking "Our Shows" at the top like so:


    I know there's two at the moment, the bottom will be removed.
  2. Awesome idea.
  3. Awesome, it's finally here. :yay:
  4. Can u also add a Flash Plugin so we can add flash streams too it?
  5. Don't think it's possible unless we enable HTML on but when you try to make the thread, it asks for YouTube Video URL. This is mostly based for YouTube videos only. It searches based on YouTube video URL.
  6. The "our shows" thing is cool, but what I really want is that "Admin CP" button.
  7. This

    Lol. It'll probably have its own sub-forum in General WWE soon anyway. (not ACP)
  8. Sounds great and very convenient! Will be using this to watch RAW tomorrow in case I cannot watch it live.
  9. this is pretty cool :emoji_grin: but i dont think it should say 'Our Shows' it should say something like 'Watch WWE/TNA' or something :otunga:
  10. Too big and ugly for the header ^
  11. Yes! This is awesome!

    Great addition, thanks Crayo! :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. Cool new feature :cornette:
  13. You could also have a titantron/theme category because it would be easier to find instead of finding the videos without watermarks or are custom made and not the proper ones etc.
  14. Moved most of the threads in there. Yesterday's RAW is posted there if anyone wants to see it.
  15. I'm working on a much nicer and easier announcement bar (current ones suck) so I can put "Latest upload: X" which leads to the gallery thread.
  16. yes please. Not too many people are noticing it lol.
  17. For the time being feel free to make/stick threads pointing them to the gallery.
  18. like the new banner just get rid of Figger and put bryan in his plas and it will be golden!
  19. since when do you like Daniel Bryan?
  20. Since when has this thread been about the header image?