Promos Out of The Shadows

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  1. *The lights go out. An unknown theme plays throughout the arena.*

    *A man in a leather jacket and hood with jeans makes his way out the curtain, a microphone in his hand. He stands at the stage*
    It's true......... I can't hide. I've tried and tried to hide from the facts so many times, but, that's no longer an option. Lots of people used to think I was a nice guy. Didn't like it. Went into hiding for a long time. It seems that the reason for me coming here.......... is corruption in IWT. *Chuckles* I find it hard to believe that there are imposters in this world, but, I've seen it too many times to remember. There are "fighters" in this organization who claim themselves to be "bad guys". THAT is the reason I'm here. THAT is the reason IWT is corrupt. And I'm here to fight it. NO ONE is more evil than me and you better believe it. I'm not crazy. I'm mysterious. I have one name and it is a name that I will stand by for years to come. My name is Frie. You know nothing about me, but, you will see why. You will all see why it is that the less you know about Frie...............the better.

    *The lights cut out and Frie's theme plays. He is no longer at the stage.*

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  2. OOC: Solid 1st promo, Note: Cutting the lights out is a thing almost everyone does here. I'd try something else
  3. OOC: I was thinking of doing like a color scheme sorta thing. Should've went with it. Thanks anyway.
  4. OOC: or a blinding light where no one can see.... That's different
  5. OOC- And also a big ass law suit.
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  6. *raises hand* yeah I kind of do that now
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. OOC: I swear to Jebus, Aids.
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