Promos Out With The Gray, In With The BLUE...

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  1. The unfamiliar entrance theme bells around the arena, as BLUE appears on the stage, BLUE does a little dance and dabs right before the drop in his theme, he jumps down to the ring and jumps over the ropes, he gets top rope before doing another little dance, gets down and grabs a mic.

    "Ladies and gentlemen!"

    The crowd starts singing the chorus to his theme.

    "My name is....... BLUE! As you may tell by my mini-tron with the name spelled out in huge letters. But anyways, I don't want to make this too long in case of, y'know, time constraints, we're on a budget y'know. I am here for one reason, one reason only, to dance, dab, and f-f-f-fight my way to the top, I am the man of about 8 holds, the conquerer of BLUEtopia, the leader of the BLUEpire, the dance champion of IWT."

    BLUE wiggles his hips as the crowd cheers

    "I am the show-stealing, face-beating, kebab-eating, great-feeling, guy this company needs, I am the the guy who puts people in the hospital bed for minor injuries, probably straining their muscles too hard. But as you know, my time in this company didn't start the way I wanted to, 1-0, 1-1, 1-2, so what I say is, out with the Gray, in with the BLUE!"

    Crowd starts chanting "BLUE, BLUE, BLUE, BLUE" as the camera fades.
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