Outrageous gimmicks that double double E should use.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Rysenberg, May 23, 2012.

  1. I thought it would be cool for us to show WWE how it's done.

    1. Drug Dealer - I mentioned this on another thread. Del Rio should have made his money by being a drug dealer - rather than just another JBL style gimmick.

    Peadofile/rapist - Guarenteed heat. The PC brigade my get pissed off with it but hell, it would be a guarenteed heat magnet.

    There's a couple to get the ball rolling - any others?
  2. Ice cream guy.


    Half man/half animal.
  3. It's Double you, Double you, Ea.
  5. WWE can not allow either of those gimmicks under PG guidelines.

    Heath Ledger Joker gimmick - Ambrose sort of already has it though.

    Badass anti-hero gimmick - Give this to Ryback and Punk

    Sick and twisted psycho like Boogeyman - Not sure who to give this too.
  6. I believe Ricardo's gimmick in FCW is something along the lines of his family having this mafia tied talent agency who makes people famous with Del Rio being one of its clients. And Ricardo then taking credit for all the success Del Rio has had and that everytime things go wrong for him Ricardos family has punished him.
  7. Me.
  8. A nerdy doctor that's a bit too friendly with the divas. He tries his best but gets slapped for getting slinky
  9. I like different characters/gimmicks, it freshens things up from our ass-licking faces and cocky heels.
  10. The return of Kanes dr Isac Yankeem gimmick!
  11. A tag-team with a gimmick like E&C had.
  12. What about a heel porno star?! That way WWE aren't condoning the video of acts that are of a sexual nature for money.. they are saying that they are bad guys?

    Would it be allowed ?:O
  13. What would his finisher be?
  14. A seductive bear hug.
  15. His finisher would be Val Venis old finisher. The money shot.
  16. Only with the word money switched with something :otunga:

    Honestly if we were left in charge of the WWE how much more interesting would it be!?
  17. Good idea, we could be the Board of Directors. It would be a lot of fun, that's for sure. :dawg:
  18. R'albin: You know that money shot is a porn term right? :otunga:
  19. A pedophile/rapist gimmick would only draw "change the channel" kind of heat. He'd been gone faster than Muhammad Hassan was.

    I think it would be cool to have someone on the show who once killed someone. In self-defense, that is. Like how New Jack killed some people in real life and how he had a bit of a mean streak back in ECW and had his real-life justified homicide to back it up (I'm guessing, I never watched ECW, just going by what I heard.) Well, say some guy was attacked and ended up in a fight with someone and ended up beating them to death or something (maybe there were two people who attacked him and the other guy is still in the hospital in critical condition or something.) That shows he has a mean streak and is a bad ass not to be messed with in the ring.
  20. I do now :otunga: