Overall rating of the roster.

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  1. Right, it's pretty self explanatory. Give a rating of the roster as a whole, not only that but supply a reason on why you're giving that specific rating for the roster. The rating is out of 10. This does include the diva's division.

    The rating of the WWE men roster is: 7. The reason being is that it needs more star power, currently it does have a lot of young stars however they aren't getting what they deserve so we haven't seen their full potential, if you know where I'm coming from.

    Diva Division: 2. A simple 2. The only diva's that matter are practically jobbing. Half of the diva's division, if not half the majority is full of models. They botch a lot and don't hold entertaining matches, therefore it's a 2 out of 10.
  2. Current men - A solid 8. The roster has a good blend of great wrestlers ( Bryan, Punk and Kidd for example) , great speakers ( Punk, Jericho and Brodus), high flyers and power houses all it needs is someone to hang with Cena and Brock in star power which won't be made due to booking sadly.

    Divas - 2 ( 1 point for Layla's ass the other for Eve's )
  3. 5. Too many fucked up divisions. Not enough built star power, not the wrestlers fault, Vince's.
  4. 8. The talent & potential is there. The booking is holding it back
  5. I would tend to go with 7/8, a lot of talent just misused.

    I honestly think Chris Jericho could have had a lot of starpower if he didn't job to people like Heath Slater. He's the full package.
  6. 7 verging on an 8 there is a lot of potential there and plenty of young talented wrestlers they just need the correct booking and decent storylines and feuds to start building there reps and characters up. At somepoint the WWE are going to have to realise this as many of the old guard can't really be used to an extent required so they are going to have to start pushing people soon. I mean HHH, Taker, Kane, Show, Henry are all near the end of there careers or there in ring careers are over. So they are going to need people to step up to replace these guys so I fully expect people like Ziggler, Sheamus to start getting the builds to superstar status soon so they can be up there with the likes of Cena and the people we call the greats.

    Divas division I give maybe a 3 there is some talent there not much but it's wasted.
  7. I like the reason why you rated the women's division a 2.