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    Midas theme comes on the sound system, heralding the arrival of one half of the tag team champions. As he steps through the curtain dollar bills start falling to the roof with gold confetti mixed in. Midas is dressed in a nice gray suit, tag team championship resting on his shoulder. He strides confidently to the ring and grabs a microphone before setting foot on the canvas. He looks confidently out towards the crowd before he begins speaking.

    So...How's everyone doing? I know that there has been a bit of radio silence from me and my tag team partner Andrew after the way the tag team titles match at Money in the bank ended....But I'm back, the money maker is in the building. And I have some things to get off my chest.

    Going into Battleground, I had always tried to stay away from the "generation warfare" that has been going on in this company as of late, older stars battling new comers and vice versa. That type of stuff does not matter for me. It's not when you came in to the company that matters, it's what you bring to it. But at Money in the bank I faced a young man who got under my skin, and I sunk into that same murky battlefield that every one else in this locker room has sunk into before me it seems. I am talking of course about our European Champion, Chris Kaizer.

    Midas collects himself before continuing.

    Kaizer and I locked horns almost immediately. Like we were just not meant to mix, like oil and water, high spending amount and low income and so forth. But I saw something in him that I liked, I saw a competitive spirit that a lot of people in this company lacks. And I can respect that. So as I was sitting back home in my million dollar flat, making important business decisions for the companies that I own and own stakes in. I also mulled over how to handle Mr. Kaizer. And finally I decided that the simplest way to solve this is to act like civilized gentlemen.

    So, Mr. Kaizer. Would you please come out here so we can settle our differences like civilized gentlemen?

    Midas waits patiently.

    @Bill Clinton

    OOC: Would appreciate if people did not interrupt until Bill and I give the green light. We kinda have this planned out. XOXO
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  2. Chris Kaizer slowly makes his way out and down to the ring. He is sporting the European Championship around his neck, no wonder he has pain ever night. Kaizer looks around before grabbing a mic from inside jacket (Portable mic brahs).

    Well, it's nice to know that you want to solve our issues like gentlemen. I respect that. I may not repsect you, but I respect your gentlemanness? Is that a word? No? Okay. I feel like we are in ways, similar. We both enjoy money of course, but we also know what's best for business. You've made stars of today and yesterday. And I make my self a star for tomorrow. And we probably can agree on this, what is best for business is for Joey Bryant and Chris Kaizer to hold the tag team titles....oh sorry, for us to work this out like men. Which we will. But we need to touch on something really quick. How close I was to winn-I mean, how much Alias Antonio screwed this fans out of a great match. You should be mad about it. It probably cost us a few bucks on replica belt sales.

    But getting back to the point of this all callout. We should solve our differences.
    I want to, you do too. So what should stop us? My wanting for the title around your waist, your obvious wanting of the belt around my...neck? No. Nothing is stopping us besides our egos. Which should never get in the way of good business. Because when ego gets in the way of business, things like Alias Antonio and Dat Kid vs Joey Bryant happen. We don't want Joey Bryant and Chris Kaizer vs Midas now, do we? Didn't think so.

    So, let's get it on...that's is going to make so much fan fic. Damn it!
    Anyway, Midas, I'm here, ready to solve our differences. So, fire away!

    Chris Kaizer spreads his arms out and smiles at Midas, awaiting his repsonse

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  3. Midas looks Kaizer up and down. A frown on his face.

    Well, I both expected and didn't expect this reaction. I had hoped Mr. Kaizer that we could solve this civilly. But your passive aggressiveness tells me otherwise. It tells me that you really don't want to talk this out. You feel robbed don't you Mr. Kaizer? You feel that you should have walked out with MY belt at Money in the bank? Well let me remind you Mr. Kaizer, that it was I who had YOUR partner locked in and about to hit the Profitbreaker when Antonio hit the ring. And you and Mr. Bryant seemed fully content to join him in a game of human whack a' mole with me and Andrew before he put that steel chair in between your teeth. So if anything, YOU robbed yourself, Mr. Kaizer.

    I do not hate you Mr. Kaizer, I hold no ill feelings. I think you are a bit stuck up but I was just the same when I was fresh in the company. I see greatness in you and there is no personal animosity motivating me calling you out. But if you still want to go....then so be it.

    I'll have a second go at making you famous kid, but not here, not tonight. You and I are both still recovering from Alias' hijinks. So how about this: Summerslam, Chris Kaizer vs the Money Maker, Midas? One on one at the biggest party of the summer. I'll make Chris Kaizer one of the biggest names in pro wrestling.... even if it is just for the night.
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  4. Chris Kaizer lets out a huff before getting ready to talk

    You really want to face me? Do you honestly, really, absolutely 100% to do it? Because, your stable or, excuse me team now since Frie did what I said he would do, fall off the face of the earth..again. Your team, they don't have a very good track record against me. I beat Frie,Andrew....why don't we add you to that list? Eh? Feels bare with only a 2...sorry, 3 after I beat Andrew...again. Why don't we make 4? Maybe because I actually having a challenge, and old man, I don't feel like you are one. You are correct, you had my PARTNER in the Profit Breaker. Not me, no, I was too busy sleeping in the corner.

    But with all that said, I accept. Why? What else am I gonna do at Summerslam? Commentate? Advertise my brand new DVD that will be released right after Summerslam on the Face an ancient artifacts named Midas?

    But I must ask you, Mr.Midas? Why do you think you could beat me? I faced some of the best in the business. Dat Kid couldn't beat me, Lord Lee couldn't beat me, your partners couldn't beat me, Bruce Knight couldn't beat me. I am a European champion. You aren't anything without your second half. I don't need a tag partner. I've done everything on my own, no matter what a drunken Brewers "come back to me when you get 30+ votes" ginger says. So you're on. Since you love profit by the way.

    Step 1: Beat Frie
    Step 2: Beat Andrew
    Step 3: Beat Andrew...again
    Step 4: Beat Midas
    Step 5: ???
    Step 6: ...Profit...

    Chris Kaizer chuckles at him self before going to leave the ring.
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