Paging Mr World Champion

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  1. *Eric Draven walks to the ring holding a pink cocktail with an oversized umbrella in it. He's wearing a flower patterned pink shirt and his wrestling gear a slight stubble is beginning to grow on his face*​
    *The crowd looks bemused as he enters looking very different from the previous week, complete with yet another new theme*​
    Eric Draven: Cut the music. Cut it, I said cut that son of a bitch already. ​
    *Draven takes a gulp out of the drink before throwing it out of the ring and to the floor below*​
    ED: A week ago I came out and did what I was told, I was told become IWT's clown for a while. Go put on a good match to show everyone what these kids have got. Go out there and make them pay to see you bleed day and day out. Go out there and make me proud. ​
    *Draven now turns and stares directly into the camera*​
    ED: You can see what that kind of sacrifice gets you, look here look at my eyes! Eyes that having seen the relief of sleep for a week, eyes that haven't been given the right of rest. ​
    *Draven moves his eyes closer to the camera and stretches out his eyelid revealing the bloodshot eyeball.*​
    ED: You see Christian insanity is very close to genius, which do I fall under after agreeing to a title match with you even I don't know. You're the greatest champion IWT has ever had, you've held that title for longer than anyone else, you've toppled my friends and foes with equal levels of destruction. ​
    *The crowd begin chanting come on Christian*​
    ED: You along with the IWT machine which has gotten behind you have driven me to the brink of self destruction and your beautiful world's championship is my only salvation. No songs, no gimmicks just me saving myself and my family.​

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  2. Shut the fuck up.
  3. Crayo liked my post in the IWT section, I believe I've already won the internet commander pussy.
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  4. Get on my level bro.

  5. Get me an elevator there is no way I'm going that low by foot.
  6. Not that far to go, don't worry.
  7. I wouldn't care but you posted it so it's bound to be hateful propaganda to brainwash the anti generation.
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