Paige's brother wants to join the WWE

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  1. Here's a pic of Zak Zodiak (her brother) kicking someone in the face.
    I guess the Knight's know wrestling considering they're like the Hart family of the UK.

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  2. I like that they're a wrestling family and all, that's quite interesting. Hope Paige's brother is good as well.
  3. I have no opinion on this since I've never seen him wrestle, but I guess it would be cool to see.
  4. Wrestling families only work if it involves brothers. You can't really have a brother/sister team. It always comes off as creepy.
  5. He was on a Channel 4 documentry here in the UK called The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family and he talked about trying out for the WWE and he did actually try out for the WWE when they did tryouts in London i think, but they called him back and said because he had recent knee surgery, they werent willing to take him on.
    At the end of the documentry, they stated that him and his other brother was going to apply at the try-outs as a tag team and Channel 4 wished them luck, so we shall see.
    I believe he features on a WWE Live in the UK dvd as they used footage of him in a match with Kane and Big Show.
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