Storyline #PartyBackstage

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  1. Pain, British Kid and Aiden Ryan are seen backstage as Pain and Aiden toast to a great night but British Kid seems very annoyed.

    "Kid, what's up? You look like you're having a miserable time, let loose man, have some fun! we're partying tonight!"

    Pain takes a cigarette and lights it up, taking a puff "Look at Aiden, he's having a blast, this man knows how to have fun" he high fives Aiden and pours them all another round, after giving Aiden a glass he takes a glass and offers it to The British Kid, "Have some fun dude.." he says with a grin, "You won't regret it!"

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    OOC: Tagging @The ReagMaster @Butters! this is part of a storyline that will take place over multiple PPVs :)