Paul Heyman Challenges Donald J Trump

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by wrestlingtracks, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. :heyman2:Paul Heyman will be heading to Scotland to do three one-man shows in London, Manchester and Glasgow for Inside The Ropes. Ahead of those event Paul has challenged WWE Hall of Famer and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump to a debate in Scotland about everything from Brexit to golf courses.

  2. 1. Heyman knows Trump won't accept his debate request.
    2. He would get killed in a debate against Donald Trump.
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    No. :razer:
  4. Jew vs Puppet. I'd watch.
  5. A lame sports entertainer vs. A man who's running for president... Trump would murder him..
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  6. Trump wouldn't dare insult a Jew, unless he wants his entire campaign to be derailed and to be completely blackballed by the Jewish Lobbys/Lobbyists.
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  7. Trump insults whoever he pleases and every reporter/commentator (actually, it's more the commentators than the actual reporters) rake him over the coals for it. His supporters continue to support him because he's not willing to change his message to please anybody.

    In truth, Trump wouldn't insult Heyman because of his Jewishness (in fact, I'd be willing to bet that Heyman and Trump would get along better on a personal level than Trump and anybody who ran against him for the GOP nomination). You can't judge Trump by the same metric you use to judge every other politician in the world. Trump is a law unto himself. The U.S. hasn't seen a "politician" who cares less for his political image since the days of Andrew Jackson (1830's, by the way).