News Paul Heyman continues to tease something big

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  1. Maybe he attacked some of Triple H's friends (Billy Gunn, Roaddogg) and injured them elsewhere? Kind of a stretch but I don't know what else Lesnar/Heyman could come up with that would be "breaking news" that Triple H would care about. (Breaking can refer to breaking someone's bones, btw.)
  2. [​IMG]
  3. He's gonna corner Vince and/or Stephanie in their office and threaten to do some damage? This is looking interesting. I figured the rest of this feud would just get the WM27 Taker/HHH treatment, where they just continued to promote the match hard until the PPV without either guy being on-screen anymore.
  4. He should F5 Linda on the boardroom table.

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  5. Really hope it's something good and not crap...
  6. She's still injured after Austin did this:

  7. She no sold that shit like a mother fucker.
  8. Hyman just posted a pic of Triple H's office
  9. That looks awesome ^^^

  10. lol, the GOAT plant.
  11. Isn't he "mark out guy"? Swear he wasn't actually a plant.
  12. He showed up to like 15 events in 2011-12. He's a plant lol.
  13. Yeah that's why he got the nickname mark out guy. Think we had a thread on it. WWE rewarded his loyalty - by going to so many events - with like free tickets or something? I swear I am not just imagining this.
  14. Drugs are bad, mmkay.
  15. You're literally probably imagining it.
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  16. We had a thread on it? Never heard of it or that name.