Paul Heyman is a master wordsmith

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  1. Professor Heyman taking everyone to school again.
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  2. Gotta say, that interview was definitely a step in the right direction at getting me to care about the match. At least Reigns didn't smirk and brush Brock or Heyman off, or start reciting nursery rhymes at any point during the interview. Reigns saying that if he didn't leave with the WWE Championship that he was still gonna take a piece of Brock Lesnar with him is just the kind of "say a lot with only a few words" talker that Reigns needs to be.

    I also like how they're incorporating Reigns' family and bloodline into it. I still don't see it being anywhere near as interesting as the David vs Goliath story that Bryan could have done with Lesnar, but it'll do. Wonder if Brock will drop The Usos or any other members of Reigns' family (i.e. Rikishi) just to fuck with Roman and make it personal.
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  3. Dat John Jr.
  4. Heyman to interview people from now on, please! Gotta love Paul E.

    That was a good segment, and I hope the build-up to their match doesn't end up being too robotic and cheesy.
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  5. Roman cut a promo in FCW about his Samoan heritage a few years ago. 2012? He was out with an injury as Leakee. I didn't see much in him prior, but he did a sitdown interview not unlike this discussing his bloodline and passion. I knew he had star material then. I couldn't have predicted it would mean a Rumble win and Mania title shot less than 4 years later. I am happy for him.

    They're working on developing his character more. Sometimes there are missteps when trying to find what works and what doesn't, i.e. the nursery rhyme promo. I didn't mind it so much, but it isn't really a fit for his character all the same. Stressing his heritage and coming across like the war machine that he is, that's what I want to see more of.
  6. Paul Heyman literally stole the whole show . . . that segment, I have to admit, was utter brilliance on WWE's part. I mean Paul makes any segment good. But that was amazing all around. Roman did very well and this is how he should act going forward....simple, to the point, not afraid, and strong as hell....I am actually kind of looking forward to this feud now.
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  7. Not bad, but WWE should've been doing better promos before, developing his character and making us like him more. Make him relatable, and make us belee dat (excuse the pun) he is the 1 to beat the 1 in 21 and 1. The way WWE handled Royal Rumble on Sunday night put a sour taste in my mouth but if Roman develops quickly (it's a shame we don't have another half year to develop this), I'll gladly try and cheer him on. He just needs to keep working and make sure he puts on a great match with Lesnar. And talk a bit faster, the Rock-long gaps in between what he says is killing me.
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  8. Yeah, Heyman will get Roman over like rover.
  9. Sure, I feel that WWE should've been doing this for a while now... But they were kind of experimenting with Roman for a while, too. I feel that the Roman they need to beat lesner was present on this past Raw. He needs to work more on being like that and quit trying to be funny and something he's not.
  10. I can appreciate that but they try to needlessly experiment too much and Vince micromanaging Reigns just hindered him just like pairing Cesaro with Heyman just for Heyman to plug Lesnar and then desert poor Cesaro hindered him (but of course, as they were never too high on Cesaro, they just dropped him while Reigns began to gain momentum) but the way they booked the Royal Rumble almost ruined Reigns in the eyes of the fans. I think a lot of DB fans were just able to feel sorry for Roman and just hate WWE and Vince, but look towards Reigns hopefully improving. I think he did okay last night but damn it, he needs a good opponent at Fast Lane. Give him proper matches week in, week out and do not continue with the Big Show feud. Roman's never really been the anti-authority guy and feuding with Big Show won't help him now. Put him in the ring with someone the crowd doesn't like but can work well, and we have a Fast Lane match that might not just be there to symbolise Reigns' career so far.
  11. I agree with you.

    Roman should be feuding with a guy like Bray in the meantime....unless they decide to have him fight Taker which I assume they'll start building soon.

    The returning Sheamus could come back fight Roman at Fast Lane....that would be fun to watch for a little while.
  12. Roman vs Bray would be a great feud; I'd love to see them go at it, and Sheamus as a heel would be quite fun. Sheamus got a good match or two out of Big Show back when he was WHC, I'm sure he'd do wonders with Roman.
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  13. I dig Heyman, but people get carried away with how good he is. He's great, probably the best, but he could come down to the ring and fart in the mic and people would be like OMG PROMO OF THE YEAR!
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  14. I actually think they should continue with the feud with Big Show for Fast Lane. They may as well finish what they started with that, and besides, imagine if they had Roman do something like spear him through the stage set-up and put him on the shelf for a couple of weeks or so. It'd be a great way for Roman to make a statement and show Brock Lesnar just what kind of physical damage he can do. I know most people here hate the Big Show, but being fair and honest, he's still the biggest dude on the roster and he isn't called "The World's Largest Athlete" for no reason. Reigns fucking him up would make him look like a beast heading into Wrestlemania.
  15. me too....I would have Sheamus return and join the Authority and have him come out and beat the hell out of Roman for no reason and just smile....with his foot on his chest as Triple H raises his arm.
  16. no, they've done the Big Show and Roman feud long enough and it's sour....I get that they've built it up for a while now....but we all already know that Roman can beat him down and has proven that....I feel that Big Show and Kane need to step aside a little...and let Rollins and Sheamus do some work.
  17. Why not save those feuds for after Reigns becomes champion? Fast Lane is a throwaway PPV anyway.
  18. You really think they're going to let Sheamus feud for the WWE World title against Reigns after he wins? I don't think so...maybe, but not likely.

    I feel that him having a couple or few matches with Sheamus before Mania would be fun. And I don't think it's it shows Romans strength before Mania.

    Big Show feud is worn...and will show strengths we already know he has.
  19. This was great. Not just Heyman, the whole thing
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  20. I like Heyman but I don't keep him on a pedestal. I hated his work with Ryback and Curtis Axel. But when needed, he can be brilliant. His interview with Lesnar and Reigns wasn't gold, it was platinum. I myself was dubious whether I could feel anything for the match but I can after the interview.

    However It wasn't all Heyman. I liked how Lesnar actually played foil somewhat to Heyman. He actually made Heyman look reasonable by comparison. He didn't just dimiss Heyman's comments about the Anoa'i family, he outright rejected them.

    And Reigns was solid in the interview as well. Honestly the best talking he has done. The whole segment was just done perfectly, which leads me to believe it wasn't Vince's idea. But regardless it was good work.
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